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The language in this document is mostly unfiltered and left as how everything was said by Katelyn and others. But it is by no means complete.

Stream times: Cedartown, Georgia - Eastern Standard Time.

Times are not exact.


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YouTube link: December 1st, 2016 - Dolly_loves - [ My singing ] Chat log: 14806389668956166102.txt
7:37 PM to 8:17PM

This video is 40:15 in length and not 39:14 as VLC and other video players display. The last minute of video is audio only with a frozen video frame.

Katie says she would've sang one of her own songs but she doesn't have her binder and left it at school. Cedartown Middle School

3:18 She goes to back bedroom. Her sister Abbi is yelling.

Katelyn: "Sorry, i can't stand everybody. I hate humans, they should die. Okay, no they shouldn't. But i just don't really like 'em at all."

4:50 She's talking to Bobby and stutters a little. Katelyn talks about how she hopes Bobby will be her new step father. Said she has 3 instagrams, one she lost the password to.

12:04 sings Under the Knife.

15:56 says 'bae' texted her, but this would probably be "Francisco" and definitely not Luke. She had not met him on live.me yet. Though she also says she was with Deandre before Luke. Deandre is present on her December 11th stream. She mentions in another stream that she was more or less annoyed by Deandre, a piece of shit like Luke, because he was always asking for pictures.

17:50 She shows her 'Sal Vulcano' dance, the guy from Impractical Jokers. Says her age is "none of your business" to someone. She's in her room to get a charger. Someone else is in her room. They answer when Katelyn asks "Where's Abbi?" The individual may have been her cousin Taylor. This individual answers Katelyn's question with "she gone".

She mentions her age, 13. (she was actually 12 at the time).

19:38 Katelyn kicks off her shoe and hits herself in the shoulder with it.

19:59 "I've had a terrible life."

Jesus_salazar7176 posts gun to head emoji in chat and that's why Katelyn says, "suicide?" in the stream.

[2016-12-02T00:59:54.60Z] 8te☺: did u say u hate ur life
22:00 Katelyn: I hate my life

She says she feels like the cat from Coraline

Bobby, shortly after, comes by and talks to her, small talk.

25:00 she begins playing with the lighter that she pulled out of a small case

26:00 8te☺ in chat says "go idra" in chat (not sure what they meant) and Katelyn says she might name her daughter that.

29:54 Katelyn stutters. Was going to sing Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball, she doesn't memorize her music because she listens more to rock. Three Days Grace, Skillet, Icon for Hire, B Mike, Courtney Parker.

31:14 Katelyn says she's moving closer to the camera. "Now you can see my ugliness. My ugly ass face and my fucked up teeth." :'( Says she likes to sing Eminem. Calls him the best rapper ever.

32:39 (in talking about blocking zullifli) "...I love everybody. Including people who are dead. I love them the most when they're dead or when they're deaf and they can't talk. I love them too. Or, like, if they're blind and really can't see me."

33:00 She does an arm movement dance (somewhat like dabbing) and accidentally hits hand and arm off of her dresser.

33:30 Mentions she wrote her own rap song but says she won't sing it. Probably the one about her situation or her father.

34:40 Sings Eminem Mockingbird.

37:10 Her mom comes in asking her what she's singing and then Tammy says she needs the phone to send Daphne a text. Texting freezes the video. She thought her mother was Bobby at first and her mother asks if she's happy.

December 1st, 2016 - Dolly_loves - [ It's Dolly ] 14806416867549760190.txt
8:21 PM to 9:16PM

7:07 Bobby says he's going to bed and tells Katelyn "i love you". Katelyn says it back. It would've been around 8:29 PM according to chat log timestamps

7:46 country singer james (James Langan) See Also (you will need to be logged into live.me to view profiles) says he sings some Guns N Roses and Katelyn says she listens to them. She reads suicide note from November attempt (on November 16th, 2016) to herself. She took the note out of what i think was a bumblebee pillowpet. Says her instagram is dolly_is_loved (later changed to roses.have.wilted

She shows drawings and writings on wall.

16:36 Her favorite colors: Black, blue, red, green.

Around 18:45 Starts talking about drawing on wall and talking about stepfather Anthony

19:25 Starts showing all the stuff she has written and drawn on her walls.

Around 19:45 "Jesus Christ is the man. Jesus Christ is the man. That is true."

Around 19:59 is where she says she has passwords and emails written on the wall

20:03 a message to "Ben" (Drowned) from creepypasta.
20:09 shows cross and quickly says what she wrote under it
Then shows clock drawing with Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out lyrics

24:30 sings part of Spongebob campfire song. Sings part of Afroman Because i Got High.

26:35 "Why do i hate my life?" "Because i just...i just do. I don't know. I just...i don't like it. It's fucked up, i fucked up somewhere in my life. I fucked up."

Mentions kik: dolly_is_broken

Around 29:48 she looks up, something happens in the doorway area as someone is walking by her room.

29:54 she looks like she just got hit by something in the arm, sounds like someone may have said "ho" in another room but that may be something i misheard. Katelyn looks up at doorway again and says, "that was... nice". It's hard to tell what's happening but it's like someone in the trailer, passing by her room, did something disrespectful maybe. Maybe one of her siblings threw something small at her, like AJ does with BBs in a December 11th stream. But it doesn't seem to be one of her siblings because they're always loud when they do things like that.

Around 46:24 she says she sounds like Jeff (Jeff the Killer Creepypasta)

around 48:36 she shows ok hand sign

54:00 shows Dale Earnhardt NASCAR thing on the wall.

December 2nd, 2016 - Dolly_loves - [ Me singing songs] 14806895995998042066.txt
9:40AM to 10:16AM

5:13 (talking about her siblings) "They're already terrorizing Bobby"

Talks about her cat named Alli

Bobby is joking with Katelyn around 11mins into the video. Katelyn is seemingly in a good mood. Talks about Jesus. singing B-MIKE - baby don't cut

13:54 In kitchen, Tammy wants Katelyn to tell Bobby about her alien (light/ufo). They continue the convo and Katelyn says she saw a strange light (ufo) in the sky or something. Not sure when that would've been but it could've been sort of recent (to the video) given the enthusiasm over it. Possibly in September 2016 but that's just a very rough guess and i'm probably wrong about the month..

14:15 Bobby says "You seen aliens?" Tammy tells her to tell Bobby what she saw. Katelyn says, "I saw a light. To be honest, i thought that they were..." Then Tammy says something like "...coming after her.

Tammy (i believe) says something about AJ trying to cut her arm with a butter knife. It made her bleed.

around 16:00 Katelyn's talking about the light again, "To be honest like, at...during that time i was like looking up a lot of things about monsters. ...This creature, this monster...so i call them misunderstood creatures. Then about the light again, "And so i was like lookin' up and literally that day i was lookin up stuff about aliens. What is that bright light over there? Is that an airplane? ...what is that bright light? ...and so i'm lookin at it, it's not movin'"

Tammy: "It's hovering and it's huge. And its got lights..."

Katelyn: "...all around it"

Tammy: "Fluorescent lights. The brightest white lights i ever saw in my life. All the way around it."

Katelyn: "And so i'm like yo...so i'm running like...literally halfway across the yard." "...like right there across the road and i'm standing right there in the middle of the yard. That thing could come right there and abduct me at any time."

Tammy: "Thank God it didn't."

Katelyn: "So, i'm standing there. I'm just like...let's go! And so..."

Tammy: "And the kids are trying to go outside and i'm like AJ, Abbi stay in."

Katelyn: "and then just right whenever i was...take a video, it went up and went away. I was like...it went away. And i was like boy...no, i was gonna become YouTube famous! Why you gotta do that to me?"

Tammy: "No, but for real, there's another story too." She tells an experience of her own, which is mostly unintelligible.

18:21 Katelyn arrives back in room.

Katelyn does a good cover of Courtney Parker - Stolen Innocence. Also says people tell her that she looks 16 or 18 in real life. The bedroom she is in was actually meant for her brother. That's why there are Winnie the Pooh characters drawn on the walls.

Around 30:50 she says something's in her eye and she's blinking to try and get it out. Maybe an eyelash. Prior to that though you can see her showing an anxiety 'trait' of hers, sort of biting her lip. Says "Love you Jesus. I love you Jesus" Looks out window at truck passing by.

Says her kik is Dolly_is_Broken (her name is Kate Davis on there) but she didn't use it often. Says she has a "boyfriend", probably meaning whoever Francisco is/was. That is, if Francisco was actually real (and not some catfish-type account/individual).

December 2nd, 2016 - Dolly_loves - [ makeup with Dolly ] 14806952329810770835.txt
11:14AM to 11:16AM

Katelyn starts the video by greeting people. She leaves to get makeup and turns the camera around so no one in the trailer knows that she's streaming. She quickly comes back, but then he mother calls her and she leaves again. It may be Bobby that's there and they're all leaving.

Bobby asks her if she's going to the store and i think he tells her to get off the phone (to try and get her to come with them to the store).

Tammy then asks for the phone and charger. Which, at this point, Katelyn is still using Tammy's phone up until the December 5th and 6th. Katelyn then says she has to go. She says BRB and ends the stream.

December 2nd, 2016 - Dolly_loves - [ Chat with Dolly ] 14807387705382333184.txt
11:20PM to 12:05AM

Around 8 mins she braids her hair

First appearance of the piece of shit Luke Callahan (Luke Callahan720 on live.me) See Also (you will need to be logged into live.me to view profiles). Katelyn mentions that she's from Cedartown. Her Aunt Daphne shows up to the trailer at nearly midnight. Talking about boys at school that were saying extremely obscene things to her. After this date she no longer wears cross necklace. Luke mentions his snapchat kevingisvack

Eric Brocker Skypilot2012 leaves chat around 20:55. This may have also been his first appearance. He was a mod a few times in her streams. He has said he wasn't too fond of Luke and the shit he was doing. He also claims to have tried to help Katelyn and get her to cut things off with Luke, in private messages. He said as such in facebook conversations back in March 2017 or so.

38:22 A dog is in the trailer and barks. It's the only time that a dog is present in the trailer during any of the streams. The time during this part of the stream would've been almost midnight, around 11:58PM. The person at the door was Katelyn's Aunt Daphne

40:55 Mentions a group of boys, a group of pieces of shit, from her school, that talked about assaulting her in a specific, dehumanizing way. She said they were her friends. Her guy "best friend" he said he was going to do it first. Elijah, Jesse, Nathan, Ethan, and another guy she forgot the name of. It was five or six boys.

Just more of the same sort of mental abuse from the refuse, little Lukes, of this fucking worthless society. She deserved better friends than that scum. All of them who also played a part in her mental state and her feeling worthless.

42:31 she says it's 12:02AM.

42:41 She says the boys couldn't do that because they're pussies and she'd kick their ass.

This is where her strength, her defiance, shines strong. We're in a society that likes to tear and break down people like Katelyn.

December 7th, 2016 - ITZ.DOLLY - [ Advice for Dummies ] 14811331961256359953.txt
12:53 PM to 1:16PM

Despite seeming upbeat, she's on edge during these streams. Likely was on edge regularly throughout December.

- This video corrupts after 16 something minutes (at end of stream so barely anything is lost) but audio keeps working. Youtube copies by others cut off at around 16 mins "teen model site" pos jeff456 in this chat. He's also known as tigereye669 online and has a clear online trail of that "teen modeling" shit. https://archive.is/t4yxk https://plus.google.com/108846805311575613442

Watching her siblings. Luke immediately became her "BAE" and they were Skyping starting on December 4th where luke had her doing things. 16003236_1546085502074633_1719831510516897397_n.jpg Luke's live.me streams YouTube archive

She makes Luke admin. She Skyped with Luke earlier in the day. Notice her username change too.

Tells a story about when she drank a bottle of alcohol at age 2 when she grabbed her mother's alcohol without her mother's knowledge.

Katelyn says her bed was picked up by her mother off the side of the road, probably from curbside trash.

She's talking about Luke taking screenshots and wanting to meet him. Calls Luke Daddy and says he likes her hair in pigtails. He's a sick piece of shit.

December 7th, 2016 - ITZ.DOLLY - [ Advice for Dummies pt. 2 ] 14811351502435851878.txt
1:26PM to 1:39PM

Video begins with Katelyn talking about the freeze up in previous video. This video starts out glitchy.

Katelyn says she likes really sweet coffee and tea. Says her nickname is Dolly because of her stringy hair.

Talks about her biological father, Matthew Davis (born September 27, 1985), saying he looks like a goat and smokes pot.

Katelyn says she's 4'8" and that Luke is 5'11".

Around 3:52 her Aunt Daphne is in the doorway and tells Katelyn that her mom said the cable should be back on.

4:38 Says that's her Aunt Daphne.

Video turns bright from sun and she says she looks like Slendergirl (Slenderman). Phone is being slow and video goes dark due to that.

December 7th, 2016 - ITZ.DOLLY - [ advice for dummies pt. 3 ] 14811362438663057737.txt
1:44PM to 2:08PM

She's seemingly happy during these advice for dummies streams. "advice for dummies" was a title she meant for giving Luke a clue.

Luke comes back into the chat and tells her to Skype with him. Him trying to exert his control again. She puts him as admin again. The video glitches around the 11 minute mark.

Katelyn says that in 2015 she had brown hair, bad acne, was picked on a lot. Says her Skype is Kate Davis. Was going to dye her hair green or blue. Video cuts off.

"teen model site" jeff456 was present in this chat too, according to chat logs.

December 7th, 2016 - ITZ.DOLLY - [ ITZ DOLLY AGAIN!!! ] 14811540422211936124.txt
6:41PM to 7:49PM

She's lightly stressed because of having to pick up her room, due to siblings making a mess, all day. The beginning rise of her stress.

Katelyn says she just got done Skyping with Luke and it's evident that he certainly didn't help to alleviate her stress and only added to it. As he only does from this point on. He never did anything to help her. He was nothing more than a brick as she was trying to stay afloat above her depression. Luke is just another type of Anthony.

Katelyn says that she has broadcast a lot today. Likely to distract from the growing stress.

Says: "And a little hint of advice, don't tell an insecure, depressed freakin' death person to strip cause that is very disrespectful. Especially cause you're all like, i don't know like 20, 20 plus. Nah, i'll say like 18 plus and i'm 13. That's very disrespectful and very rude." - "You just don't tell somebody you see to strip." "Like ya'll don't tell someone to strip that you hardly even know. Sex isn't for like just for plain out pleasure, no. Sex and all that is supposed to be for love. OK, love. Not just get wet, get out. Get in, get wet, get out. No, it's love. It's supposed to do it for love, not for pleasure. That's bullshit."

Starts dismissing compliments about her looks and is getting stressed about people telling her to strip in chat. Live.me's pieces of shit predators.

18:08 Says she's insecure and that's why she doesn't wear shorts. "Things happened before, i just don't want to say." Referencing many things, bullying at school, belittling by Anthony and the pool incident involving Anthony Lee Rogers Sr. in late spring 2016, may have been in May 2016.

What makes this upsetting is that she's talking to people, in the chat, and they don't even seem to care about what she's saying.

Compliments begin to upset her a little (she disliked her physical appearance and herself). She says was bullied a lot, that she was called ugly, that she should hang herself and that she was told she was worthless. Which would've been Anthony Lee Rogers Sr. and others saying this to her.

Talks about her eyes changing color depending on mood. She says they're green blue in this video. She also makes it clear that she's loyal and doesn't cheat. This shows a possibility that Luke may have begun accusing her of these things. It was a damn game to him.

24:17 Katelyn tells another piece of shit in the chat (venky chinna) to treat his girlfriend with respect. She mentions her kik Dolly_is_Broken again.

"Every girl is... every girl has her flaws. Every girl has her perfections. So, you need to stay true. You need to... you're lucky you have her. You're lucky you have a girl. I mean, you think like that... you need to respect her."

Says she's frustrated because of the day she's had and being stressed because of her brother messing up her room. Also says she has no idea where her mom's at or where she went. Katelyn says she's 'tired' from running around all day."

She was hoping to finally go to school, sign up for attending Rockmart, on December 8th, 2016. Says that she has been out of school (Cedartown Middle School) for three weeks (since November OD, on November 16th, 2016, suicide attempt).

Says her mom is back and says she missed her, says she was gone for hours. Clearly worried about her mother's well-being. Her mother has brought back food, Katelyn got a chicken sandwich and a cheese burger. Katelyn says she's the type of person that will go out of her way to help others.

Katelyn says she physically cannot cry. Says she can't wait to go back to school though she also says it's going to "physically kill me" because she's shy. She cannot believe that people like her broadcast. Says "I live probably, the most poorest living condition ever." and that's why she's surprised people like her broadcast despite that. Says "We are so broke" and that they can't afford Burger King, so they get McDonald's.

around 50:45 Says she gets bullied and that people tell her that they want her to die and that they hate her guts. Like stepfather Anthony, said he hated her guts and wanted her to hang herself. That he would buy the rope.

"But even though i've been going through all these troubles, i still smile."

Says she's a pessimist and a realist but tries to be positive. Calls herself a positive pessimist. Mentions that she went to hell (talking about what she experienced, afterlife, after her heart stopped temporarily after OD).

She starts to stress again. Says she couldn't live without her brother. Says she hasn't cried in years and doesn't know what it feels like for a long time. She also hides her streaming from her mother.

Shows her clothes that have been soaked from leak from the bathroom and onto her floor.

December 8th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ Everyday life of Dolly #Lit ] 14812087511531166565.txt
9:53AM to 11:35AM

Starts stream singing Dierks Bentley - Somewhere On A Beach

Says that she hates her life. Says anything positive is forbidden to say. Says Luke Callahan works at Sears.

around 10 minutes she sings part of Kid Rock - Motherfucker Quite Like Me. Truth, on that subject there's no one quite like her, her KiNDness, her greatness. We're surrounded by devils in this world and lights like her are hard to find; a rarity. I miss her.

Said she was to enroll in new school, Rockmart Middle School. She doesn't though. Mentions a friend named Janice (spelling? pronounced ja-neese). Says she was on Skype with Luke and crying and he asked what's wrong. It was her first time crying in years. She said Prozac isn't working and she told him that she's "just done with everything". Luke told her if it wasn't for her then he (Luke) would've already taken his own life. Emotional manipulation. He didn't do shit to help her.

Luke showed her the music/band he listens to, Infant Annihilator, and she calls it bullshit. She says its fucked up, meaning their Decapitation Fornication video.

Yeah, i'm sure that really helped her with her depression *eye rolls*

Shows a picture of herself as a newborn and mother at 17.

Tells everyone to follow her "boyfriend" Luke Callahan720 on liveme. At the time his profile photos was of him with his shirt off. The 720 is his birthday, July 20th, 1997. He was 19 at the time of the streams and when he knew Katelyn.

Says she'll Skype with Luke at around 10pm once he's off work.

Katelyn says she only knows 3 people at Rockmart, from grades above hers. Mentions she never gets privacy. Said she'd be going to school on Monday which would've been December 12th, 2016.

She retrieves a paper in the back (mother's) bedroom from a pillow. It's her suicide note from November and said it's part of the reason why she's changing schools.

It could've been the same suicide note she got from the bumblebee pillowpet in a previous stream or this is another note she left behind in November 2016. Says she OD'd on two different types of pills that she didn't know what they were, from two half-full bottles. She didn't want to read the note on stream because she didn't want to seem like she's doing it for attention.

"Jimi420@420: you need to come visit" Says, "And i wish i could come visit. It'd be fun. It'd be fun bruh. It'd be fun probably. Probably." - She's starting to stress again.

Showing her broken wall and where it's leaking. Says she's not doing good right now, siblings stressing her out. Says Ethan is her little cousin. Says she misses her ex 'Ben' (Drowned) so much, and says they didn't break up. Ben + Kate = OTP (ship, one true pairing) written on the wall. That they lost each other and it's a complicated story.

Says her mother never takes them shopping (for new clothes). Says she feels tired. Believes her eyes and pale skin are her best features.

"I wasn't with myself yesterday either. I'm never with myself anymore."

Around 45:44 sings Say Something (I'm Giving Up On You) song.

Siblings are making her panicky because Abbi almost falls off of the dresser.

Says Ethan is one the most popular boys baby names for the year (2016).

"If i go to prison for homicide, you'll know why."

Siblings making a lot of noise and stressing her out. Because siblings are being mean to Ethan.

50:38 Abbi says, "i'm sick of that baby."

51:46 Pillow fight with AJ. Stressed because "this is my everyday life" "i'm about to lose it" "I feel like shit" "I gotta deal with this every day and my mom is usually gone all the time. So, my life sucks."

Says she has 19 videos up on live.me

54:13 And i want to open this window but we had to nail it shut because people keep trying to get into my room and i don't know why. I'm just saying it's Jeff the Killer (creepypasta) trying to get some Dolly. I don't know, i'm weird." (she was kidding about Jeff the Killer). The windows may have also been nailed shut because of her short 'run away' from the trailer earlier in 2016.

"Kill me now, please." She feels like just walking out because of siblings stressing her.

Says Luke was watching porn yesterday and she's really put off by it, disgusted.

Can't stand Deandre on kik because he always asking for pics.

Talks about Luke watching porn and doing inappropriate things while Skyping with her. She begins questioning why she even communicates with him. Says him watching porn was "fucked up" "it was terrible" and "i got very educated yesterday" and expresses disgust about it all. After that event you can tell that she's not the same in her view of Luke. Though she held on to a misplaced hope, with him, up until the end :'(

A hope that the piece of shit, manipulative Anthony-type Luke was completely incapable of bringing into her reality.

Luke said he planned on flying from Massachusetts to Georgia one day, pretty soon. To him, it's only about a disgusting meetup, a very unlawful one. Katelyn mentions how he's always playing video games when she Skypes him. Another let down because Luke probably reminded her of her father.

She dismisses compliments again. She only wanted to be on live.me to sing, feel appreciated, and to help people. Helping people was her anti-depressant. Instead, she was exposed to some of the worst, self-centered, people and pervs.

1:17:48 Says she stayed on Skype with Luke until 2 in the morning. She probably talked about her problems, sadness and he probably just half-assed his convos with her while playing video games.

Mentions Infant Annihilator again and calling it fucked up. She told Luke that he needs some Jesus and Luke got a little mad about that. She told Luke about what happened to her, probably involving the vision she had of going to Hell, when she OD'd and flatlined in November (on November 16th, 2016). That's why she's staying with God.

Says it's 11:13AM. She says she'd play with Ouija boards if she had the chance, like Luke does. She's into mythological creatures, bigfoot, aliens, paranormal stuff like ghosts. She has a deep interest in all of that. Said she wanted to get Luke to believe in Jesus, have faith. "Knock some Jesus into him."

Around 1:23:43 you can see what looks like possibly her scars on arm. Saying relationship with Luke is not legal but she thought he was 16. Her mother didn't know because Katelyn thinks she'd kick her ass. Says Luke is the only one that makes her happy. But did he really?

Calls Luke a nut and slow and that he's so stupid. Luke's parents knew nothing about Katelyn because of her age and that his parents would be pissed. Said she'd be a good influence on Luke and would drag him to church.

Says calling her beautiful is forbidden. Says her nickname is Dolly because her eyes, hair, and lips are like a doll's. And that she says she has a nose like a porcelain doll.

Talks about playing Eight Pages (slenderman game) around 1:36:20

December 8th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ Queen af ] 14812293322337998229.txt
3:36PM to 4:16PM

This stream is about 4 hours after the previous one. This stream starts around 3:37PM

She's wearing her hospital bracelet for some reason. She was wearing it for some reason while Skyping with Luke. She got the bracelet after her OD experience in November (on November 16th, 2016).

Says she want to visit Suicide Forest in Japan some day and Massachusetts to see Luke.

Mentions there are people outside stopped in white truck on the road and think it's strange.

3:51 She would choose poolside over beach. She'd also choose to not hear over not seeing. "I need to see."

4:28 Luke arrives to chat. Says she just got through Skyping with Luke. Her family pulled up in the driveway.

8:22 Says she going to school Monday in response to skypilot2012's question. "skypilot2012: you already got out of school?" Which would've been December 12th. Never happens.

Luke has blocked/banned two individuals from chat. Maybe kingZeus123 and Jake Dallas

Then he bans Ali Ali Ali

Then Msxcdsyxxcc

Luke says to set skypilot2012 (Eric) as admin alongside him. His name is Eric Brocker.

skypilot2012 asks what an admin does. Katelyn says Luke is her BAE and he is allowed to be nasty to her. Tells Eric not to block him.

14:22 "Luke Callahan720: Hammer black my d" (probably meaning something nasty)

Katelyn: "Oh my god. Baby you know i will." Luke's a piece of shit if that isn't clear already.

15:00 Showing everything her siblings have broken in her room
15:13 "They're startin' to break me"

15:44 Amber Alert shows up on her phone

17:00 Katelyn: "Why did you destroy my house?" AJ: "Cause you don't live here anymore."

Around 18:30 she shows the hospital bracelet up close.

Say A.dolly2x is her sister because of her name

20:26 "Now no one can see my ugly face"

20:46 Katelyn: "My eyes changed color again"

21:18 "Bro that look cool as fuck"

21:48 "Another Amber Alert. Tan Ford Crown Victoria." Evans, Georgia http://ipawsnonweather.alertblogger.com/?p=12796 also: https://www.google.com/search?q=amber+alert+Tan+Ford+Crown+Victoria+Evans%2C+Georgia

22:02: Eric (skypilot2012) leaves

22:26: "I don't get it, why do so many people wanna get Dolly?"

23:01 "A.dolly2x: Emoji game"

"Luke Callahan720: Mine"

Katelyn: "Baby you already know i'm yours."
Luke blocks John Brocks

23:18 Someone says "i'm taking a mean shit". Maybe Zach and Ashley responding back saying she's eating a burger. "First i took in a month." Katelyn laughs, says "did you hear that?" and says it's TMI (too much information).

28:55 Luke sends her a snapchat. Video freezes because she has snapchat open. Luke wants her to Skype

A lot of conversation is going on in the background in the trailer at this time.

30:00 Showing how her siblings destroyed her room and then showing her old school bus stopping near house. She misses the school a bit. Luke texts her again.

31:08 She whispers something like 'competition in it papi' and it's probably part of something she wrote in text. Luke spells in "poppy" in other stream chats.

31:48 PurpleHaze4420: don't blame the kids

32:50 Says 110 people are watching her. Luke is in chat but away from screen.

Luke Callahan720: Get her info i grg (gtg) and shower. Luke wants Katelyn to get A.dolly2x's info so he can skype with them both. The A.dolly2x individual looked younger than Katelyn.

Katelyn calls Luke protective. Says most of her "boyfriends" didn't give a shit about her. Luke definitely didn't, not in any way that wasn't about him.

PurpleHaze4420 says Luke is a douche PurpleHaze4420: he's a dueche PurpleHaze4420: looks like a dueche

Katelyn says he's protective because he doesn't want to lose her.

35:37 Katelyn is talking to her mother about something and Katelyn says "Oh yeah, you don't remember that?" Tammy: "Is that what you were talking about?" Katelyn: "Yes, that's what i was talking about"

36:06 Starts talking about Luke again. Says he's sweet to her.

38:41 "I'm so pale i actually have a reflection from the damn light." Her camera lens is smeared

Talks about her eyes and how her family has blue eyes

Says to follow Luke Lukecallahan720.

Luke texts her. She leaves to Skype him.

December 8th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ on my way to bae, I NEED YOUR HELP!!! ] 14812437458097137449.txt
7:36PM to 8:14PM

Trying to get help to visit Luke in Massachusetts.

country singer james offers to help but the trip never happens. A good thing. In a later stream James says, in the chat, that he isn't going to be able to take her to Massachusetts. She mentions that she's from Cedartown, like she has in earlier streams. Katelyn says she would walk there if she had to.

Luke can't take her because he lost his license and that he has to work 'non-stop'. But in his own streams he says that he has a motorcycle. So either he's lying or he did lose his motorcycle license.

9:00 Her mother is yelling on the phone in the background, at Bobby (Tammy calls him Bob).

Katelyn says don't even listen to them (as Tammy is yelling on the phone and hitting things), calling Bobby dense. Katelyn's getting upset a little and says Bobby is probably now the 'ex-boyfriend' of her mother. Though i think they, Bobby and Tammy, stay together (or in touch) after this.

smurf_on_kush13 compliments her accent and she calls her accent country and is surprised that someone loves her accent.

Talks again about how she met Luke on live.me. She made a Skype to talk to him and instantly fell for him. Talks about how she was with Deandre at the time but called him a player and dumped him.

Says she's a good driver when kush tells her to steal a car. She's begging to get a ride to meet Luke. country singer james arrives in the chat (Katelyn calls him Jamie). James says he drives a sports car. She says she wants James to bring her to Massachusetts as soon as possible.Luke wanted her to leave that night, Katelyn calls that unrealistic.

Her mother comes to the doorway and tells Katelyn to pick up the room. James is asking for what day (to bring her to Massachusetts).

Sister Abbi is now in Katelyn's lap. Abbi says she's Katelyn's baby and Katelyn calls her her baby in return.

"country singer james: i can't promise you but i for sure till tomorrow but u will try ny ve". (autocorrect mistake in chat ..probably meant 'try anyway'.

Katelyn says it's flu season but she got her flu shot and all her shots. She's playing with AJ. She thanks James again.

Luke posts inappropriate thing, "I'll put it in your mouth".

She says she has long distance family in New York, talking about Donald Trump. "..because i'm not getting hated by everybody. Let's just say he's the most hated person right now in America." It's unclear if this is actually true, that she's related to Trump. It's probably not true.

Abbi calls Kate mama again. Katelyn says that Trump is her third great uncle. Said she'd give James her address once he gets permission and tells him to come late at night. (A trip that never happens since James doesn't get time off in the following days and/or makes an excuse).Katelyn says she's so psyched. Says she'll be Skyping Luke later (this stream happens during 7 to around 8:13 PM on December 8th, 2016. She leaves to Skype Luke.

December 9th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ Laying in Bed ] 14812898656111608448.txt
8:25AM to 9:27AM

Says "Earth is good for me. Earth is perfect for me."

She's covered up in bed because it's a cold morning. She seems to be in a good mood. Said that she has always wanted to go to Hawaii.

9:02 Says a personal fact about herself. Tells someone to not say that she's beautiful. "Laying in bed is an art" Says she's ugly.

Wishes Luke was up, wanted to call him but wasn't sure he was awake yet.

She thinks people lie when they say she's beautiful.

Now says she's enrolling at Rockmart Middle School on Monday, December 12, 2016. Says because it's stupid to enroll in the middle of the week.

Says she moves around a lot, fidgets, because she has anxiety.

Says that she plays the app/game Mobile Strike.

Mentions that she lives in Cedartown, which is near Rome. Said that if kingZeus123 lives near Rome that she might come over "but don't try any stupid shit".

Says she feels tired and feels like sleeping, dosing off a little.

Abhi Kabhi quotes Chainsmokers and Halsey - Closer 'rover' in chat

24:43 "oh, my Lord."

Says the first word she ever said was, "mommy."

Says wishes Luke was there to cuddle her.

around 29:45 Bags under her eyes. "If you were at my house you'd be in redneck hell. Okay, redneck hell. That's my house, redneck hell. I'm the only one that's not a redneck. I'm emo." Talks about gap between her teeth.

32:21 "To be honest, i've never really truly had my first kiss."

Sister Abbi comes in with the milk jug for a drink. Tells Abbi she was video chatting with Luke at night until her phone was at 2%.

Says that she thinks she looks like a guy, a boy, and that she's not beautiful.

Said she has never been to Starbucks. Says she gets Facebook notifications but doesn't really use Facebook. Only uses Instagram to post photos and deletes them from her phone to save space. And to keep in contact with friends, which she says she doesn't have too many of. Says two of her Instagram friends are her ex-bfs.

country singer james comes in to say he will talk to his boss today. She hopes that James will take her to Luke.

"Go to sleep..." She's referencing Jeff's Lullaby (Go To Sleep) (creepypasta Jeff the Killer) "Go to sleep my love and dream of me."

Says she has around 22 (or maybe more) live.me's.

55.2K hearts. Says "Fuck it. Seriously i'm just like fuck life. Fuck life. Just like, fuck it. I'm not here."

Sun is rising and shining behind her through the window. It's around 9:14AM. Says she's bored and hates the sun.

Says when she has her pigtails up, she pulls them up and pretends she's Batman and then shows what she does with her pigtails. Because her hair is black and she loves Batman, "Batman is amazing".

Getting a little restless because she texted Luke and he hasn't replied, "i'm so worried." Her anxiety.

Sun is reflecting onto her off her phone. She's bored and tired and biting her lip because of anxiety

"i've got nothing else to do". Probably because Luke isn't replying and she's feeling vacant.

"It's 9:26 and nobody's on." Says bye to James and stops the stream.

December 9th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ 300 diamonds for a Skype call!!! ] 14813015819159431094.txt
11:40AM to 1:13PM

Luke not answering on snapchat (his snapchat is kevingisvack), says/she thinks he's at work.

Taking care of her siblings and cousin Ethan again. Says she's doing good.

Luke replies to her on snapchat and is in chat.

Says she's really into creepypastas. Specifically Marble Hornets, to the Ark, and loves Hoodie (says Hoodie is bae). Watched them on youtube and read them through the Creepypasta app with the red proxy symbol (the circle with 'x' crossing it out)

Says for 300 diamonds says she'll Skype with you and you can say whatever you want. She was using live.me, in part, as a platform to make money for her family, herself and Luke just happened to be the "good guy" trying to help her with that and giving her ideas on how to get live.me diamonds that could be cashed out. Fucking piece of shit.

"Luke Callahan720: Skype is so much fun;)"

She says, "And Luke, Skype is fun baby."

How You Remind Me by Nickelback is stuck in her head. Specifically Avril Lavigne cover

Says she's shy when it comes to people saying she's cute or complimenting her.

Refers to her siblings, cousin as her kids.

More 'slang talk', says "i'm just kidding, i don't know why i'm all being like that." She's a little ashamed of how she was talking just then.

Naming off cats that they've had and says they were named after creepypastas.

Talks about drawing for the first time.

Abbi says she sees a dog and Katelyn says it's skinny and is getting into their trash. She feels sorry for the dog. I doubt it was the dog that barked in the trailer from the previous stream. But you never know.

Katelyn jokingly calls her siblings her children again.

Small cat is walking around bedroom, still around. I don't believe the cat is seen again in any future streams.

Calls her siblings her children because she takes care of them a lot. AJ brings out Katelyn's katana and she says its for attacking clowns, "you don't fuck with Dolly." Her mother is beeping outside. Says she also has an axe that's about 4 feet in height (shows how tall it is on herself) and a lot of pocket knives.

Said she hasn't put on makeup in four days.

Says black is her favorite color.

Says she has to go outside (to get groceries and put food up). Mother keeps telling her to come on/hurry up. "Now i gotta go help my parents. Well, my mom. So, brb." Which means that the guy there is probably Bobby.

Mother is still pretty calm and not griping yet, so Katelyn's in a good mood still.

She gets a Dr. Pepper and bumps into something on the way to get it.

Katelyn says "These people won't shut up" Mom starts yelling for/at her, Katelyn says "pray for me" calls her ma'am. Tells Katelyn to "get off that damn phone." Mother tells Katelyn to get Abbi out of her kitchen.

James arrives to chat.

Katelyn calls her siblings her children again.

Mother yells at Katelyn to help again and complains about her not helping.

Daphne, Katelyn's aunt, is at the trailer.

Her mother is yelling at her even louder saying that AJ doesn't listen. Tammy yells at Katelyn and tells her that she's about to whip her ass. Katelyn says i'm trying to pick up my room. Tammy says again, "I'm about to whip your ass." Katelyn says, "I'd like to see you try then, i've been picking up my room and dealing with these two." Tammy: "I asked you to put laundry in the dryer before they fuckin' sour." Things eventually calm down.

Katelyn comes back to chat. Tells AJ to put the small cat down and tells him to get out. "You're smushing the cat" "Surprised it's still alive after all the heck you've put it through."

She turns on music through frostwire app to calm down. She starts singing along to the music with Abbi.

James says that he can't get time off to bring Katelyn to Massachusetts to see Luke and apologizes and Katelyn is apologizing to Luke.

Starts singing Let It Go like she does on the 30th, her last video. All the songs she sings seem very particular.

Ends with saying thank you to James for complimenting her singing.

December 9th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ Singing Doll #Lit #CallingMyFans ] 14813148703724340582.txt
3:22PM to 5:04PM

Mother Tammy tells her to get/take her medicine (the Prozac). She shows the pill and takes it on camera.

She's a little put off by Luke blocking people during previous streams.

Talks about her eye color and how they change color.

Says Abbi is 3.

She said that she looked like shit in 2015. People bullied her and said she was ugly. That's why she changed her hair color and says that she "grew too fast."

Luke arrives in chat for a short time.

Says she would sing her own songs but her binder is in her bookbag, in her locker, at school (Cedartown Middle School).

"I bet ya'll wouldn't believe that i really don't get accepted in society. I don't." She says she doesn't eat much (due to lacking food in house). She's starting to show signs of feeling a little down despite taking Prozac on this stream. The Prozac, as she says, doesn't work.

Around 32:12 says she thinks it would be cute if she had a little heart by her right eye.

Says she hates her smile, her teeth, because she looks like a vampire.

Laughing about cousin Ethan putting her shorts on over his head. Cheered up a little.

Shows her old bus stopping by trailer and how she misses them so much.

Says her neighbor, an 'enemy', got off the bus and is walking to his house. "He's in a blue shirt." You can see the pool says 'Intex' when she points camera towards distance. She says she doesn't really like the boy. "He's not really my enemy anymore. We kinda like, we're chill. We're chill. We're chill now."

AJ starts talking about Hoodie (creepypasta) saying he's on the bus and Katelyn begins to talk about Creepypasta characters. She hates that Hoodie died in the stories. He fell off a ledge after climbing up it. From Marble Hornets creepypasta. She tells AJ that creepypasta characters are in your imagination.

AJ calls her 'your highness'

Luke just texted her.

44:20 She's getting upset with AJ. He calls her a piece of crap. "I'm going to get daddy. Wait, actually we don't have a daddy. I'm going to get mommy." She's stressing.

Wearing black Converse shoes, says they're her favorite shoe brand. "Converse is bae." Look like probably Converse low top Chuck Taylor all star unisex shoes. Zach is at the trailer.

Tammy tells her to take clothes out of dryer. Katelyn hides phone temporarily. Check clothes in dryer and they're still wet. Also checks lint filter.

Abbi is choking for some reason so Katelyn pats her on back.

AJ keeps endlessly asking her if she's going outside.

54:36 Said she's going to climb the tree to get away from it all. She goes outside but goes back in because it's cold.

Tammy tells her to answer phone. It's Anthony but she doesn't answer, her mom gets the phone.

Turns on heat and talks about how leaking water pipe makes the room cold at night. Talks about how she's always interrupted doing things, like singing. "Don't listen to anything in the background. That's my mom and my siblings."

58:22 She sings part of Lost Boy by Ruth B, good cover.

59:47 gives middle finger to Msxcdsyxxcc in chat insulting her singing and being inappropriate, blocks him.

Says only compliment she got from people at school is that she's a good singer.

Another middle finger around 1:01:00 talking about Msxcdsyxxcc.

She leaves room to get siblings shoes on after mom tells her to, to go outside. Getting stressed.

Ashley and Zach are there and maybe Bobby too. Don't really hear any of them speak.

She comes back into room with Ethan. AJ and Abbi are leaving and she's going to watch Ethan. She calls them, siblings and Ethan, her babies.

Luke sent another message.

Says her day is going terrible.

Around 1:20:00 Katelyn sings What Does the Fox Say with Abbi. Pants are wet from the floor, leaking pipe even though she's sitting on Duraflame electric heater box to keep dry. Needs a new charger from end table because current charger isn't working. Video glitches for a short time.

Watching Spectacular Dominos video on youtube, with brother. Then watches try not to laugh challenge but says it's not funny at all. AJ plays Harambe video and Katelyn says that he shouldn't have been killed.

Katelyn leaves room to check on crying Ethan and Abbi turns off heat and plays with phone. Katelyn comes back into room.

A loud truck drives by to the trailer and Katelyn looks out window.

She leaves the room to get the charger.

Apologizes to AJ after showing middle fingers and accidentally elbows him in the head. She says she feels like a jerk.

Keeps saying she is going to sing My Demons by Starset. Then sings line of "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston.

Katelyn is getting stressed. Family snuck out. She has been left with all the kids, not just Ethan.

AJ plays The Offspring Gone Away on radio for a few seconds. That song and its lyrics :(

She keeps looking out window. Katelyn tries to leave, Abbi whines for help and Katelyn says, "screw it, i'm done. finish" and ends the stream. Also, because no one's really watching.

December 9th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ I need Therapy ] 14813277168509794823.txt
6:55PM to 7:43PM

Sad video. Tammy had probably recently arrived home (in bad mood?). Luke isn't in chat. She's definitely having doubts about Luke. Only she takes it out on herself.

Says "I need therapy" a few times and hints that streaming is her therapy and that's why she does it. Depression kicking in after taking Prozac only a few hours earlier.

Looks very stressed and says "I'm so done with life. I'm just so done with life."

Says that Prozac isn't working at all. "It works for two hours and then i'm just what the fuck." She says she's only on because she needs someone to talk to. Luke is busy watching a movie with family.

"I need ya'll. I need ya'll" "I've been terrible. I've been terrible. I've been absolutely terrible."

"I just need some help right now." "Now i'm just going to confess my problems. I'm going to vent. I'm going to vent my problems because i can. My problem is, i'm depressed. Yes, depression. Depression. I got it really... I got bad depression. Like, suicidal depression. That's bad, like really bad. I have actually been put in two hospitals, like two mental facilities, because of my depression. So, they tryin' to help me but first time it didn't work at all. Second time they put me on medicine. Put me on Prozac but that shit ain't workin, that shit ain't workin much. Have to take one Prozac each morning. One Prozac every morning for the rest of my life."

She's weary.

"I actually OD'd several weeks ago" (November incident - takes out hospital bracelet (on November 16th, 2016). "They had to take a picture of me and do all that" "Second time i went to a mental facility i got this. They took a picture of me, which i look like a serial killer cause they woke me up, i was asleep, woke me up at 1 am just to take a picture. And then, yeah. Several weeks ago."

Then she puts hospital bracelet away back into top dresser drawer. The first mental hospital that she went to was Peachford and the second was Riverwoods Behavioral Health System, Treatment Facility. Riverwoods was the one she went to in November of 2016

Tammy yells for her help.

"I'm depressed because of bullies and stress in my life. I've just had, i've had a terrible childhood. I had a terrible childhood. I had a terrible, terrible childhood. My real father (Matthew Reed Davis) doesn't give a shit about me. And he, i hadn't seen him, and the last time i saw him was at a store. I went to give him a hug and he just turned around and walked off. He completely ignored me. So... he lives two miles away from me, two miles, and he doesn't come by and see me. I've tried to go by and see him but he's always stuck on frickin video games. Always, he's always playing video games. He doesn't care. And i've been bullied. People say i'm ugly. That i'm an emo freak. A monster. Somebody once said i was an evil demon lonely girl. I was a lonely evil demon girl. And he like, he yelled it out in front of everybody. Cause he was like, his name is Alex, he was passing out papers. He was passing out papers for the class. Yeah, i'm a little bit of a loner cause no one wants to be my friend. No one likes me. No one really likes me because i'm ugly."

Ashley(?) says, "Katie, who are you talking to?"

Katelyn's becoming more stressed, really down and depressed, stressed.

"I'm just done. I just can't do it."

"And he like (talking about Alex at school) was passing out papers. He was just passing out papers and he was like, saying people's names too. Here Efrain, here Cammy, then he goes to my table, which i was sittin by myself because no one wanted to sit by me..."

Tammy yells for Katelyn help is yelling at AJ. Keeps screaming that Katelyn help. Even though Katelyn feels like shit. Katelyn says the kids don't listen to her.

Tammy tells Katelyn to take Abbi into her room.

"...Anyways, and so he comes to my table and i'm sittin by myself cause i'm just ugly and i'm fucking worthless and nobody likes me. They don't like me and i don't know why. I've done nothing to 'em except for..." (Abbi screams and then cries, "help me.").

"So, umm he, then he's like, then he hands me the paper and he said lonely, said okay here you go you lonely demon girl and he hands me the paper. And i was just like, bruh what the fuck is wrong with you? Like that. That. That hurt me so bad. Cause i didn't want to be known like that. I didn't want to be known as a lonely demon girl. That's. I don't even know where the hell he got demon from. Where the hell you get demon from? Where did? Now if he said vampire i would've been like Yeah! cause i look like a vampire with my pale skin, my dark hair, and my teeth. When he said demon i was like shit, what..the fuck? I just...bullying and then... just, i can't. I can't do it bruh."

Tammy yells for Katie again. Tells her to get Abbi dressed. Katelyn comes back into the room with Abbi to get her warm.

Tells Nathan Palacios in chat "i'm not your baby girl".

Back to talking about bullying, "...But it was basically nothing but freakin' just hatred from everybody, everybody fucking hated me for no reason. And if there was a reason, i really don't know what the reason was. I don't know what the reason was. I'd done nothing to nobody."

Katelyn leaves to room again to help with AJ and Abbi.

Katelyn comes back into room.

in chat (the only one chatting): Xaviel: You need doors"

Katelyn says, "And, to be honest, i feel like going outside, finding a rope, tying it to a tree, tying the rope around my neck, standing on a bucket, and just fucking jumping. I don't have any privacy. I have no privacy. Like, zip. I don't have any privacy at all."

Says she's trying out a new hairdo. Talks about how her mom uses all the hot water and takes 2 or 3 baths a day.

Katelyn: "I just feel like hanging myself. I truly do."

Tammy yells for Katelyn to get AJ and Abbi out and to bring the heater.

Katelyn comes back into room says "I've done it. Well no, i mean, i don't, mm mm (no) i'm just not going to do that. I literally, i'm only allowed to have one bath a week."

Tammy yells for Katie again and is swearing. Kids don't listen to Katelyn "and every time i do get on them...you used to say, no Katelyn, don't do that! and now they don't listen to me cause they know they can get away with it." Katelyn closes and locks the bathroom door for her mother. Katelyn tells her mom, "That's why you're supposed to take a shower. You take a shower they won't get in with you."

AJ starts pounding on door and screaming wildly. Adult (Daphne?) comes by and tells AJ to leave their mom alone. AJ starts throwing a screaming, disturbing fit.

Katelyn is trying to stop him and calm him down. But she's getting stressed and feels helpless over what to do.

Katelyn says "Santa ain't coming to visit." but has no effect on calming AJ.

Katelyn comes back into room. "I'm done. I'm done with life. I really am. I feel like getting a rope and hanging myself. I'm seriously just done with life right now."

Leaves room and comes back in shortly. "I don't know, i'm bored and i don't think i have a rope, so...which sucks."

She starts looking more empty and lost, stressing. "I really can't do this stuff anymore. I really can't do it." "Literally nothing happens, nothing good happens to the emo girl. Nothing happens. Why the fuck do i even have to be here? I mean, it's not like anybody's wanting me to be alive. I have no reason to live."

She looks at the silent chat.

32:07 "No one cares. I'm just, i'm just done. No one wants me. I have to lie about how i feel most of the time and it sucks cause i don't know if i can do it anymore. I just can't do it. I really can't do this anymore. I can't do it. My heart is completely broken. I just, i just don't know. No one cares. I have no reason to live. No one wants me to live. I bet all of ya'll would love it if i was dead. Cause no one cares. No one cares. No one cares about the poor little fucked up emo girl who tried to commit suicide but couldn't even do that right. Can't do anything right. I just...so tired of this. So tired...of everything. I'm so tired of being hurt. I'm just tired. No one's gonna want me and if they do want me, it's for sexual reasons. (she's talking about Luke) No one cares about the emo girl. No one cares about me. I just...i don't fucking know. I'm just done. I'm done with everything. I'm tired of feeling this way. I'm tired of having to take fucking medications and everyone thinking there's something's wrong with me. Even i know for a fact there's something wrong with me. What's wrong is i survived. I fucking survived. I don't know why i couldn't have just died in that damn hospital bed? It would've been so much more easier than having to deal with this. It would've been so much easier than having to deal with the pain. No one understands. No one will ever understand. I try to be happy in front of my "boyfriend" (Luke) just so that he's okay, i try to tell him how i felt and i just, i don't want him worrying. I don't want him to be upset really. I don't want him being disappointed in me because everyone else is." (Remember the 30th where she apologizes for not being good enough for Luke. More than once i'm sure he said she wasn't good enough when she didn't do what he wanted or at least gave her that feeling.)

She begins crying - (Katelyn's breaking down and in the background adults are talking about pill-popping and dealing.) (around 37:19)

"I just can't do this anymore. I know you probably aren't listening but, if you are listening, i can't do this anymore. I just can't do this fucked up life anymore." (She's talking to Luke and knows he comes into the stream sometimes under a false live.me profile or watches with others under their accounts). Luke is such a fucking idiot and Katelyn was far more intelligent than he is, of course she could see this game that he was playing.

"It's too much for me. I can't do this. I can't do this anymore. (crying deeper but still quietly) I can't do this anymore. I can't do it. I just can't do this...i'm a fucking failure. No one cares. No one would ever wanna help the emo girl. No one will ever fucking love me. Everyone's done told me that. I'm forever gonna be hated by everyone because no one wants to help me. I just need to fucking kill myself. That would be the answer, be the answer.

Begins wiping makeup and then Abbi comes into the room.

"I'm so done with life. I'm just so done. I can't friggin do this anymore. I can't do it anymore. What's bad is no one cares."

40:20 Ashley (i believe) comes looking for Abbi.

Katelyn might be using snapchat because the video paused. Maybe trying to contact Luke.

"I literally just sat here for like five minutes crying."

Talks about how the Prozac isn't working anymore.

"I can't fucking stand myself. I hate my guts bruh. I have no reason to love myself. Oh my God Abbi. You're going to give me a heart attack, if i don't die first."

(Abbi says, "i fall" twice). Talks about how skyping with Luke (the problem was Luke himself) isn't enough and that everyone in her grade at school hates her guts. And she has doubts that the new school (Rockmart) would be any better. Says she's going through a lot of shit right now and that no one will understand. That no one in the chat does or could understand.

"I just can't stand myself anymore."

"I just want to hang myself and get the pain over with. I have nothing to live for. I just can't do this. Seems that nobody cares. I don't know why. I've been nice to everybody. I've been sweet. I've taken care of everybody. I've treated everybody with respect. Even if i don't like them i still treat them with respect. Yet this is what i get. I did nothing wrong. You know what i did wrong? I trusted people."

..."I just hate myself. I just hate myself."

probably using snapchat again.

"I can't stand myself. I'm just going to get out of here and leave ya'll be."

These two videos are missing. She mentions that she sang a lot on the 10th (mentioned in December 11th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ singing Doll #Singing ] stream below) Stream List

14814064644953771778 [10.12.16-21:47] - ITZ DOLLY - [ HELLR PEEPS ] 4:47 PM
14814179325457451025 [11.12.16-00:58] - ITZ DOLLY - [ Ride for N****s ] 7:58 PM

December 11th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ Morning Routine ] 14814728335817153596.txt
11:15AM to 11:25AM

Very short video. Starts off singing The Script and Will.I.Am - Hall of Fame. Says "my eyes are so blue."

December 11th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ YESH! ] 1 14814736478770151512.txt
11:27AM to 11:30AM

Another short video. Says something about her mother taking some of her makeup.

December 11th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ singing RULES! #Singing ] 14814742765942362447.txt
11:38AM to 11:39AM

Another short video. Cannot see anyone on, saying no one's watching. Probably glitching so she restarts phone.

December 11th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ singing Doll #Singing ] 14814746052053579570.txt
11:43AM to 12:40PM

Katelyn and Luke's first "breakup" (i think it was their first)

Luke texts her.

Sings Let It Go/Let Her Go Mashup by Sam Tsui.

AJ tells her to sing Under the Knife by Icon for Hire then Baby Don't Cut.

She sings part of Under the Knife and then Let It Go/Let Her Go Mashup again.

Luke arrives to chat.

Says she's likes Simon Cowell because he's a 'hater' and people were chatting about America's Got Talent and she should try out.

Luke leaves chat to shower.

Santiago is a reference to Impractical Jokers tv show.

Video glitches freezes for a short time.

Says she was thinking about Luke all day. Which means she felt an uneasiness about things between them.

31:43 Ethan found a pill bottle in the blankets. Katelyn takes them from him.

32:38 country singer james said he'd send her information about when America's Got Talent, Simon Cowell would be in Georgia next year (which would've been 2017)

She sings Courtney Parker - Stolen Innocence and makes a gun symbol against her head.

She leaves to make coffee for herself after heading back to bedroom.

Phone falls over at 41:40.

Katelyn is back at 45:08.

45:30 sending a snap(chat) and checked received snaps.

Leaves room again. Vacuuming, chores.

Comes back at 54:35. Luke texting her off the hook, she makes a statement,

"Why don't you just come down here and fucking marry me?". Says she just got some news, says she's "back on the market." Luke broke up with her. She definitely looks upset but hiding it.

"You all get to say whatever you want to me." She's disheartened, feeling emotional pain.

"You all get to say whatever you'd like."

"Whatever you like, you can say whatever, doesn't matter."

Vacant eyes, she feels like shit. Starts texting or snapchat. Luke likely said something cruel, demeaning.

"Be right back. Doing something"

One of the children comes into the room, maybe Abbi. Possible sound of a zipper like from some sort of holder. And stream ends. Clearly upset.

December 11th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ singing Doll #Singing ] 2 14814781516814419569.txt
12:43PM to 1:13PM

Comes back on stream two minutes later. She's upset. She's sniffling, probably been crying a little. Says she has to leave to get makeup. Hear a lot of sniffling and someone sends message when she's gone.

Says "Ya'll can say whatever you want to me. 'Cause me and my boyfriend just broke up, so."

whispers "nigga".

She's doing her makeup because her cousin's coming over. Probably Taylor.

I think it's Ashley yells for Zach to "get your ass up".

4:40 Some piece of shit, LM-F81D846A2B4624, asks about her 'measurements', Then she whispers something like "what are you doing" Which is what skypilot2012 said in the chat.

Zach in the background yells, "whatever Ashley". Zach is complaining about Ashley taking all of something (probably pills). Tammy (i think)says "you need to fucking watch out" when somebody throws something down in anger.

You can see the loud sound slightly startles, upsets Katelyn. A small expression on her face of like it's going to be another bad day.

Someone says "i'm done. I can't deal with this no more." Zach tells Ethan to get away from him and Ashley says, "don't talk to my son likethat. Zach says, "that's how you talk to him."

Katelyn still disheartened, upset and tells kaneki cris "go ahead and say it. say it. say whatever you want" after he said 'kaneki cris: i wanna say something but it's really bad x.x' kaneki is 20 at time of chat. Another piece of shit.

Tammy yells for Katelyn to take care of clothes.

Katelyn says "Okay... i'm doing makeup."

Tammy needs to get to Autozone to get money. Tells Katelyn to help them get into the car. Tammy is getting some of Katelyn's makeup. Katelyn has phone hidden.

Girls arrive, one is Taylor (Katelyn's cousin, has the deeper voice i believe) and the other is possibly called Bailey.

Katelyn says dadgummit as to not take the Lord's name in vain. Katelyn talks about real father Matthew walking away from her at store, before her OD. Katelyn says that she was also pissed that her mother didn't get rid of Anthony until children said they were abused/touched, but not when Katelyn said she was.

Katelyn says she starts Rockmart on Monday (which date of this stream is Sunday December 11th, 2016). Which doesn't happen.

22:28 Katelyn and the other two, including her cousin Taylor, talk about Anthony. Katelyn says he only has one nut (testicle). On an abandoned twitter account, lee1976rogers, he mentions that he survived cancer. So maybe he had testicular cancer.

Tells her story about school experience at Cedartown Middle School, how she was nice to people, and hopes Rockmart is better.

Taylor says they moved. Taylor tells her to get to know her cousin Brianna Jordan at Rockmart.

Luke comes back into chat and blocks most of the people that said inappropriate things.

Katelyn ends stream saying she is turning her phone off. She never acknowledges the few things that Luke said at the end of the chat.

December 11th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ Doll is #Lit ] 14814993386836346065.txt
6:36PM to around 8:10PM

Says she's excited about new school on Monday.

She sings John Legend - All of Me.

Luke arrives. Calls her BAE when he enters. They may have made up some time during the 6 hours between her streams. If they did, it seems like Katelyn isn't fully convinced at this point and isn't sure about being back with him yet.

She makes a joke about the Ricola commercials.

Siblings are starting to stress her out

14:40 Abbi is whining

Not long after Katelyn mentions how her mother's never there.

15:14 "My mom isn't here, like usual." She then kisses Abbi to try and calm her down.

Zach and aunt is in the living room.

AJ says something to Abbi that pisses off Katelyn.

Luke says in chat "I have had to listen to this almost all day".

Katelyn replies, "bitch, you ain't had to listen to that all day. We just Skyped like once today." She seems annoyed at Luke a little, but also siblings.

Abbi wants Katelyn to beat up AJ and knock him out.

Abbi is 3, AJ is 4 and they're 11 months apart. Katelyn say's Abbi's father is gone and isn't coming back here. Anthony Lee Rogers Sr. is Abbi's biological father. "It's a long story."

Katelyn leaves room to get Abbi water.

"These two won't shut up and i'm about to kill myself."

She says that she'd be a great mother and that her kids would learn to respect her.

She mentions about her OD quickly and said it sucked.

"Michaelkeys37: you look like your 25 years old am I right?" That surprises her and she says that's no where near her age. She's a little upset, contemplative about how she looks older than she is. Says she is already aging fast.

Luke leaves chat.

> She's biting lip due to anxiety. <

Tells AJ to stop spraying Abbi. Abbi says jump harder and break the house. She's hungry and wet from the floor, her feet.

Luke comes back.

Says her throat hurts (from singing) and her whole body hurts.

AJ asks if something (oil) would burn the house down.

She doesn't want to go school but at the same time she wants to go to school.

Says she's doing great. Wants to sing but doesn't know what to sing.

Katelyn leaves the room because Abbi starts crying. "Oh my God. Kill me please. Kill me now. Make me die."

She walks to the bathroom and tries to calm Abbi. "Kill me. Jesus take the wheel."

Mentions she lives in Georgia USA. Phone is ringing in other room (it's around 7 something pm).

"I can't stand these fuckin kids. I love 'em but i can't stand them" (leaving bathroom)

Deandre arrives.

Luke leaves chat to shower. She tells Deandre that she loves him as a friend. Says she doesn't feel like going to school tomorrow (Monday), she did two weeks ago though (she says), now she doesn't.

"I'm just like, fuck school. Fuck school. Fuck school."

"I'm gonna be so hated there bruh. ...be like. everyone's gonna hate me. They're gonna be like, what the fuck is wrong with her?"

"I'm so bored, ya know".

Starts playing with live.me masks.

Katelyn tells AJ, "don't be a liar."

58:25 AJ starts annoying Katelyn

Sings part of Whitney Houston I will always love you, but says "hate you."

One of the kids turn off light. Phone is ringing in background. AJ turned light off.

Says that her "boyfriend" (Luke) is 19.

Says everyone wish her good luck at new school (Rockmart). She can't wait. She's scared and nervous but excited at the same time.

AJ asks for the BB gun. AJ gets rusted BBs, calls them bullets. AJ starts throwing BBs at Katelyn. (Around Christmas Katelyn also gets a BB gun as a gift)

She sings Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You, mentioning a Vine video with the song.

She says her real name. Says Kate, goes by Dolly. Then says her full name, Katelyn Nicole Davis.

She looks up her most recent emoji. It's a heart.

Then she posts five most recent emojis.

AJ is telling her to find his BB gun.

"Duane Bulgaria: you need God you before to late."

Katelyn defensively says that she already has God. Katelyn says she's a Christian. She's getting a little upset.

"God is in my heart. I have God."

"Duane Bulgaria: you look on lot stressed I feel sorry for you hahah"

She says she is stressed, "I am."

She's in kitchen "Swear to God i'm gonna hang myself."

"They're killing me, i'm dying. I'm literally dying."

1:18:24 Says her mom has been gone all day. Says she's starting to lose it. Says she doesn't have the gas to go to church. That they're poor people.

"Anywhere can be your church as long as you praise the Lord."

Someone is snoring in background. Possibly her aunt Daphne

"Someone kill me please." Goes back to bedroom.

1:20:03 She says they're her siblings, not her children. "But they might as well be my children because mama doesn't really take care ofthem that much. My mom is usually gone, i don't know where."

"My mom, she's usually gone somewhere. Somewhere. She like, she doesn't ever stay at the house for very long. She like, comes here, doessomething, goes. It's like a routine."

"Duane Bulgaria: do you ask where she go"

Katelyn: "I try to and then she said i'm just going down the road."

"I'm like, where? And then she leaves or she completely ignores me."

"I'm just like, okay."

"Umm, i know that like she deals drugs. Pills mostly. Prescription pills, she does those."

Katelyn's clearly upset, tired of everything. "She buys prescription pills and eats em. Actually, she doesn't eat them anymore. She snorts them. She crushes them up and snorts them. And i'm just like, really?"

"Duane Bulgaria: maybe ask you mom go church it well help"

Katelyn: "We tried. I tried. I asked her to go to church. She won't do it. She won't do it, for shit."

"Like, she says i'ma go to church and then she never does."

She's in the bathroom to hook phone to charger.

"I don't go to church."

She's getting stressed.

"It's not right for her to do drugs. I know."

Mentions her snapchat dollyisbroken.

She talks about her OD in November. (Which happened on November 16th, 2016)

"I actually start a new school tomorrow because, um, I say about like 3 weeks ago i tried to kill myself by OD'ing. I tried to kill myself and so i was in the hospital for like two days and um when i first go to the hospital at around midnight, i actually, uh, i flatlined for like for a little long time. I flatlined. I died and it was scary."

"I was going to Hell. Which that's not fun, it's not. It's fucking scary. I was going to Hell and um...story of my life."

"Yeah, i'm ok. That's why i got God."

"And so, umm, like the devil was dragging me down." says she's being truthful about experience.

"Umm, uh, so like the devil was dragging me down."
God reached his hand down and He pulled me back up and i came back alive.
"Charles Smith III: don't do nothing like that to yoursalf your to beautiful" She doesn't believe compliment, upset, disheartened, "yeah, thanks".

"And um, anyways like, "

"My mom doesn't care. She don't care. I'm trying to stop cussing."

"Dag nabbit" Abbi getting into paint.

"Duane Bulgaria: no you on lot stressed is good talk to stop the stress."

Katelyn: "I know, talking is stopping stress. It's so hard bruh."

"Kate jolly (in chat): do you go out in one in the morning"

Katelyn: "No, i don't go out in the morning."
"I fall asleep at like 11 or 12."
"No, i don't go out and party. Actually, i wouldn't even be invited."

"Duane Bulgaria: do you have a dad?"

Katelyn: "Do i have a dad? No, i don't have a dad. I don't have a dad and they're not my kids. They're not my kids. They're my siblings and no i don't have a dad. I have a dad but he's not my 'dad'. He's not my 'dad'. He's my father, like he gave birth to me, he helped create me,but he's not a dad. If you understand what i mean? Like, he lives two miles away from me but he doesn't ever..."

Duane Bulgaria: that tough you don't have a dad.

"Look, when i OD and then i was in the hospital he didn't show up, he didn't show up. He didn't care enough to show up." "Like, he didn't see me. He didn't come to visit. Yeah. He didn't come to visit.

Which (stressing out). Which i have a step father but he tried to rape me and he told me i should go hang myself cause i was worthless. I was a worthless whore.

"Duane Bulgaria: why you dad say things like that"

Katelyn: "It's alright." "He said i should go hang myself, I wasn't worth it."  

"Adam Kimber: you joking do not do things like that you are to nice"

Katelyn: "yeah. i know. yeah." "I mean for the longest while i actually cut right on my wrists."
"Which you can still see the scars barely." shows wrists.
"It has been a couple weeks. See, my scars."

"Duane Bulgaria: why you dad say things like that"

"Katelyn: He's my stepdad"
"It's 8:10 pm"
"...I have no idea. You need to go ask him. He couldn't stand my guts but, at the same time, he tried to get in my pants. Like, he was trying to, like, have sex with and i was like, "no, you're 40". My mom, rightnow where is she? I don't know. She's out somewhere. Somewhere, i don't know where. She's been gone for hours. But where was she whenever all that happened? She was gone. She was gone"

Video ends

December 13th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ Dolly in da HOUSE ] 14816492675594067369.txt
12:15PM to 12:44PM

Says she like rock and classical.

Says "it's goin' good." She won't sing because she's a little sick and it wouldn't come out right.

Shows her cat Alli and says she has had the cat since she was 4.

Says that she's probably going to dye her hair today.

Starts singing part of Lost Boy by Ruth B.

Says the only 'man' in her life that she could ever trust is brother AJ and that she loves him "so dearly".

AJ: "I ended up killing myself" says it off camera after punching phone accidentally.

Katelyn says "fuck the world."

7:55 Bobby is at the trailer "there Bobby" said in kitchen.

Says she's a huge geek. Talks about Lizzie, "my best friend, my best friend, one of my only friends moved to Pennsylvania.

Now i'm just like (boy sign when she puts hand to her face). Cracker, really you're gonna do that to me?"

Her favorite bands, ties between Skillet, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Icon for Hire. Does rock symbol.

Makes funny face about 11:15 when someone in kitchen says "boom!"

 Joking around, acting like an old woman.

Getting contemplative, sings part of Toy Story, "You got a friend in me." (says, "no i don't") She seems a little down again.

Says she's pale, looks like a snowman.

Someone calls for her (Zachary), "Katie. Your mom says since you didn't go to school you got babysit today."

She babysits Ethan. They (Zachary and Katelyn) begin to talk about drawings on walls and making fun of them. Anthony (Lee Rogers), abusive step father, drew them. Katelyn colored them.

Ashley asks if she's mad at her mama

Zachary tells her to get her butt up for school bus but Katelyn tells him that's her old bus, for Cedartown Middle School. She cannot walk to Rockmart because it is too far by foot. Zachary says he'll start waking her up and she's open to it.

She's cheered up a little. She and AJ sing Let it Go, like she does on the 30th.

Says she's pale and looks like a snowman (again). Says AJ is the only man she'll ever trust in her life. Loves him so much. Abbi begins playing with phone.

Sings line from Baby Don't Cut.

Mentions Dolly_is_Broken kik.

Hides phone when people come in room. Cat Alli comes back into room.

This is the last time older cat Alli is seen in any streams (i think). Says she's hungry.

"I have school. Hopefully. Maybe one day this week i will have school."

Singing part of Baby Don't Cut again.

Sings part of Say Something (i'm giving up on you) song.

Says she needs some coffee.

Leaves chat because no one's talking and she's bored. Someone's messaging her on kik too, probably Theforbiddenmoon

December 13th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ Singing Dollz #Singing #Lit ] 14816739428556955936.txt
7:06PM to 7:52PM

I'm not 100% sure who's Bobby and who is Zach (voice-wise) during this stream but i think i may have it correct.

Starts off winking at camera and saying hi to people (as usual).

Mentions 88, Dale Earnhardt Jr's number. Says she's a fan of Nascar.

Hiding the camera from woman (or girl) that comes into room. Sounds like Taylor maybe.

Singing part of David Guetta Titanium song.

Katelyn says she can't hit AJ because she would instantly regret it, feel bad about it. She loves him too much.

Luke comes into this chat. Calls him Luke and then Lukey pookie (almost says dookie by accident lol). She still seems unsure about their status of being together still. Her behavior when interacting with him is very slightly different.

Phone is hidden. Tammy smacks AJ on the butt hard a few times for turning off the light and saying "touch it again and i'll break your fuckin hand".

Katelyn feels a little sorry for AJ, tries to calm him a little.

Girl (maybe Taylor) is trying to convince AJ into cleaning up the room and with positive reinforcement like it's a game to play.

around 9:46 singing Linkin Park - Numb

Katelyn is in the bathroom. AJ is in the bedroom. He finds the phone. Katelyn comes back in.

This time, tells Luke not to call her beautiful. Example of the difference in interacting with him.

Some people leave the trailer, her mother too.

Cleaning the room, as a game again. She's watching Abbi, AJ and Ethan. She hugs AJ.

Singing part of Titanium song again, it's stuck in her head.

She might still be upset with Luke a little because she gives the camera a look and not really talking to Luke the same as she has in the past.

Singing Titanium still.

20:10 She says she sang her brother and sister to sleep the night before.

Singing Let It Go.

Luke trying to get back into her good graces.

She begins to sign My Chemical Romance's song Mama.

Bobby at the trailer

turtleputz asks when she'll be in private, away from loudness of her siblings.

She says she streams every day. She's trying to get siblings to clean still, bribing them.

25:40 Says her mom is out selling drugs (like usual), doing whatever, Katelyn doesn't know what she does anymore.

She, talking with turtleputz, says she loves cars.

turtleputz: BRB. don't leave

Katelyn: "I'm not gonna leave. And if i do leave, the sickness(?) comes".

"Luke Callahan720: Can I have some dolly"

Katelyn: (giggles) "I don't know why you ask that cause you know you will. (she says something along those lines)" Says something else to Luke: "If you're ... Luke ... I don't even know why you're going to do that"

Sings Nickelback How You Remind Me.

Bobby starts yelling at children.

Katelyn hides phone. Bobby talks nice to Katelyn and says that something is dangerous, like a fire hazard, maybe the phone charger? Bobby says he felt bad for having to spank AJ. He says "that sucks." He doesn't want AJ to think he's mean. Bobby says when she was young he would only pretend to spank her by hitting his leg. Katelyn clearly gets along with Bobby. Says he'll cook if she washes dishes.

Bobby says: "Bring your phone in here. durrr..." Someone (Zach) says they only have five plates and a spoon.

Katelyn puts phone by sink for the rest of the stream. She has conversations with Bobby. Bobby has a goofy laugh.

She's in a good mood. Bobby is saying he's making Chicken Parmesan and Katelyn starts cheering about it

"Let's go!". Someone (Zach) accidentally says Obama, when he meant your mama (talking about cleaning room).

Zachary talking about Ashley. Baby Ethan dumped Kool-Aid on Ashley out of jealousy supposedly.

37:30 Katelyn says she won't/wouldn't have kids until she graduated college. Katelyn says she likes carrots. Katelyn is joking with Bobby. Katelyn has taken care of Abbi and AJ for four years.

Zach says he has a 13 year old and 12 year old daughter and Ethan.

38:15 Bobby took care of Katelyn from 3 to 8 and he's surprised that Katelyn doesn't remember.

Says something about moon crickets, talking about turning off rap music on the television, and no one else knows what it means. Explains it's a racial epithet.

Katelyn says quietly, "that's mean."

Abbi repeats moon crickets and then says n word, "you a nigger." Katelyn gets upset about her saying it. Abbi is calling people ugly and repeating the n word again.

Ethan is crying. AJ is talking about Katelyn washing the "nasty old dishes".

Katelyn turns the camera and whispers, "oh my god. i'm gonna cut/knife (myself/them/em all?)" Not sure exactly what she lipped/whispered and is somewhat embarrassed about the racial stuff. She gives camera peace sign.

Ridiculousness is on TV and Katelyn says she likes the show.

She finds knife, scissors in cupboard, doesn't see flashlight (it's on bookshelf AJ says) "there's some interesting things up there."

Katelyn says she hates being short because she had to climb to reach the cupboards.

She jokes with Bobby again about the red flashlight. Says sneaking around and pretending to be police, to scare people, would be something she would do.

Zach tells AJ and Abbi to get out of kitchen and clean their sister's room.

43:01 Katelyn says she is sick, says "not talking about Hepatitis C or Herpes."

Bobby says, "Oh my god, did you hear that?!"

Katelyn: "I'm sorry but that's the truth."

Katelyn asks if she ate much when she was young. Bobby says she ate the stuff that most kids didn't like, like green beans and collard greens. Katelyn said that she liked spinach and still does, "it's good." She definitely gets along with Bobby and is having a good night. Bobby got the phone for her that she uses for the streams (She got the phone around December 5th). She was on phone restriction but Bobby helped and got the two (Tammy and Katelyn) to talk. Bobby wanted to get Katelyn to get Tammy to call him but his phone wouldn't ring or whatever.

Bobby says Tammy is still being a 'butthead' to me and Katelyn says, "I can kinda hint that from like...just...i'm good at that (those) things." Trying to get her mother to talk to Bobby.

Katelyn: "I kinda feel like doing dishes, i don't know why. It's probably because i'm sick."

Bobby: who? Katelyn: "It's redneck paradise (probably meaning redneck hell - see earlier streams), it's how you do things."

Bobby: "What's wrong with that then?"

Katelyn: "Nothin'"

Bobby: "Kind of clever if you ask me."

Katelyn: "We rednecks are clever."

Bobby: "We just make it work."

Katelyn: "We work with what we have."

Stream ends.

December 14th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ singing Doll #Lit #Singing ] 14817412348801809909.txt
1:48PM to 2:22PM

-incomplete chat log - maybe live.me wasn't working well at that time

Someone in chat was talking about being with Top Model, another liar.

Katelyn says she feels great, amazing today. Said she didn't brush her hair this morning and it looks absolutely amazing. Then she brushes her hair. Though she actually seems like she's not in a good mood.

She then begins looking at people's photos in the chat.

Someone comes into the chat and talks about internet safety to her. About blocking, not giving out personal info, snapchat account, other accounts, information, etc. Says she never gives out where she lives, even though she has in the past.

Eric (skypilot2012) is in chat. Eric Brocker.

Says she's properly dressed to person in chat. May be some sort of live.me community moderator/employee or just a random concerned person.

Says she just woke up 30 minutes ago.

Wants to sing All of Me by John Legend.

Says she's hungry and asks AJ to get food. He has mac and cheese.

14:14 Sings part of Christina Perri - Jar of hearts.

Abbi is pretending to talk to police on a pretend phone. Abbi has a scratch on her right shoulder.

Katelyn leaves the back bedroom and into her room. Siblings follow her. She leaves her room and back into back bedroom. She keeps getting interrupted, as usual, by her siblings when she tries to sing. Says her siblings ("these kids") are going to be the death of me. She leaves the back bedroom again.
Tries telling the kids to leave me be.

18:18 Abbi playing. Sounds like she yells, "No Bobby!"

Goes to the kitchen and says there's nothing to eat. She wanted some mac and cheese but it's gone.

Sets camera down for a short time getting a drink for Abbi. Picks up the camera and puts a gun symbol against her head.

Then she starts looking in box freezer near window with Georgia confederate flag design. She pulls out a chicken pot pie. She calls it chicken pie. She tries to cook it in the microwave.

She's stressing.

Video glitches at 23:32 but recovers by 24:00 and she's in the back room again.

She sings part of Imagine Dragons Radioactive (she says girl version) and video glitches a bit again as she leaves back bedroom to her bedroom.

Then she leaves her bedroom to check on Chicken pie. Comes back into room and notices that the video framerate is dropping with 'bad network' messages.

Has chicken pie, which is still somewhat frozen. So she leaves to heat it up a little more in microwave.

Comes back into room at 32:25. No one's talking in chat. She eats off screen. She ends chat.

December 14th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ CHAT WIT DOLLLY ] 14817513396127381112.txt
4:36PM to 4:55PM

Stream starts with siblings (Abbi) screaming.

Skypilot2012 (Eric) is in chat. Eric Brocker.

Katelyn is hiccuping.

A fake Donald Trump is in the chat. Mentions that Donald Trump is her third great uncle. The Donald Trump user leaves.

Ethan is at trailer.

No one is really chatting.

She sings "Say Something (I'm Giving Up On You).

(Also this chatlog doesn't seem to be complete.)

She's playing with live.me masks.

Says she's bored and wants people to ask her questions.

She was talking about wanting to do live on Instagram but says it wouldn't work for her.

Handy_Andy speaks up.

She rants about how no one is talking to her.

She checks to see what Luke said, texted her. She really wants to Skype with him.

First appearance of AB Tarik. His sc is tab550. Katelyn's friendly with him and he isn't mean to Katelyn.

Luke texts back. He probably says something borderline inappropriate. She ends stream to possibly Skype with Luke.

December 14th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ Chilling wit siblings #Lit ] 14817631104350727170.txt
7:53PM to 8:52PM

Streams starts with AJ sitting on her lap.

Luke arrives in chat and she calls him Lukey Pookey. Interaction with him is still different. The way she uses the Lukey Pookey pet name is a way of her to try and reinforce her emotions about him, even if she doesn't seem to feel quite the same as she did. On this day, they may have been "together" 10 days max through the internet.

"country singer james: Are you doing ok?" She gives a half-hearted "yeah, i'm...i'm ok" She may have sent a concerning snap on snapchat

Luke never asks if she is ok on chat and probably didn't on skype either. Self-centered. Luke texts her on snapchat.

She talks about her snapchat stories and says that people will like them. She started doing songs on snapchat

She checks what Luke texted.

Tells AJ that she loves him. She starts playing with live.me masks with AJ. Tells AJ she loves him again. She shares Panda photo with AJ on instagram. She calls it live 'point' me. Says that AJ is the only man that she can trust in her life. She kisses him on forehead and he kisses her. She talks about how she'd defend her siblings. She calls her siblings her babies. Says she's a protective big sister.

She said that she'd tell the same to boyfriends, girlfriends of her siblings in the future. Says AJ sleeps with her every night, "cuddle buddy."

Around 9:00 "I love him so much. I love you so much" AJ says the same back as he walks away. "He's been for me more than most people have. More than my best friend has. So, i trust him. He may be 4 but he's been through a lot, and i still love him."

"I love my sister too." "My brother and sister have been there for me when i needed somebody the most. They were the only people who was there for me. So, i love 'em to death. I would do anything for them 'cause i care for em. And, like, on my story (snapchat) probably made Luke a little mad. Hopefully not too jealous. I said that i don't need a man. My only man that i really need is my brother. I think that might've made him mad. And when i said like that's the only man i can really trust is my brother because it's true. My brother comes before any man. I hope he's not jealous about that because well, if he is, he can get over it. Sorry Luke, but you can, he's my brother."

"Brothers...family comes before anything else. They say blood is thicker than water. Especially in this family. You mess with one, you mess with the rest. Just don't mess with my siblings. I love my siblings. They're my life. I love 'em. I love 'em. I love 'em. I love 'em. I don't know what i would've done without them. I love 'em to death."

She gets up to get AJ water. AJ begins playing with phone. AJ types: "ITZ DOLLY: efdd$ddfvgyreerrrssdSC ddfdfffzddxcfghmggf"

12:13 Mentions that AJ sleeps with her every night because people are living with them now and they're sleeping in AJ's bed. So AJ sleeps with her at night most of the time. The people would've been Zach, Ashley, and their child Ethan.

AJ feels sick. Says he doesn't feel good, that he hurts.

Katelyn says "Love you AJ" AJ says it back.

AJ says the left side of his head hurts to the touch. He says that "mama has to get bugs out of my hair". Katelyn checks to see if he has lice. She doesn't see bugs. AJ still thinks he has bugs in his hair.

Katelyn mentions her pale skin. She's very affectionate in this video. She calls her siblings her whole entire world. Says that any guy who tries to be with me are going to have to learn to like her siblings. She's directing that at Luke.

"Giggly_Demon: everything still going good?"

Katelyn: "I wasn't like earlier today but, like, i had a really good friend help me out." The friend who helped her out is named Matthew, like her father. possibly matthewJallen1 who appears in 12/28 stream.

"Giggly_Demon: U still with that guy, I think his name was luke?" Says she's still with Luke.

Katelyn gets AJ water and AJ plays with the phone.

AJ asks, "why you with Luke?"
Katelyn: "Because he's sweet and he's cute and he's funny." She doesn't seem to entirely believe what she's saying though, the expression on her face. 

Abbi enters the room. Her phone isn't charging well due to a bad charger.

Says she does dares but nothing bad (LM-E225BCC13AF368 asked).

AJ traces the 8 on her hoodie. AJ says, "i love you".

Mentions she's pale again. That she like a snowman or put flour on her face. She cuddles with AJ.

Around 27:47  - Says it's 8:20 and hopes that she has school tomorrow.

She says AJ is smart because Katelyn puts on educational youtube videos with ABCs and colors.

Then she sings part of "Because i Got High" by Afroman.

AJ says he likes wheat bread. Katelyn likes bread and milk.

LM-E225BCC13AF368 is being inappropriate and says he's proud to be a perv. Katelyn reports LM-E225BCC13AF368 for pornography, harassment and blocks them.

She tickles AJ. AJ still says his head hurts when she touches his head.

"Giggly_Demon: U r such a good sister" she giggles

Katelyn: "Thank you. Thank you. That means a lot because i just love 'em. I love children. Actually when i grow up i'm thinking of becoming a teacher for special needs children." AJ calls her bigfoot.

She leaves to get AJ water.

"Giggly_Demon: gtg back to work, ttyl"

Abbi says "I'm Katelyn Davis" Katelyn says she doesn't want some people in the current chat to know her name. Starts playing with live.me masks.

AJ said that he put Katelyn's toothbrush in the toilet.

42:57 "Oh my God i wanna be loved. AJ love me."

AJ: "I love you"
Katelyn: "I love you too".
AJ: "I missed you"
Katelyn: "I missed you too. Did you miss me?"
AJ: "Yeah"
Katelyn: "When i was gone, did you miss me?"
AJ talks about the doctor, Katelyn talking about when she was in hospital after OD suicide attempt in November. (Which happened on November 16th, 2016)
Katelyn: "Yeah, i'm sorry. I will never do that again and just because ya'll always do this, i think i am."

Sings Courtney Parker - Stolen Innocence as AJ plays with phone.

Luke says Hey near end of stream. Luke probably feels put off.

Katelyn says, 'hey Lukey Pookie". The uneasy pet name that Katelyn uses to try and keep up her feelings for him.

Her phone is at 1%.

49:44 Starts singing part of Say Something and sings it really well in this video.

She's starting to stress and siblings are acting up, getting tired.

One of the adults said they're leaving but will be right back.

She sings This is How You Remind Me because she likes the song. But can't think of lyrics.

She says Avril Lavigne (Avril did a cover) but knows it's a Nickelback song, as mentioned in previous streams. Says she'll sing Slipped Away by Avril Lavigne. "I love that girl, she's amazing." but her phone hits 0% and the stream ends.

December 15th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ Dollface ] 14818432592965847649.txt
6:08PM to 7:05PM

Second "breakup" between Katelyn and Luke. Only she breaks up with him this time. Doesn't change IG status back to single because she never changed it when she got back with Luke. She knew it wouldn't last long. She says she also dumped him because of what he kept making her do.

Said she's doing the stream to let people know that she's ok. She says doing ok but she's had the worst day ever.

Best friend thought that she's whoring around and they got into huge argument. Tried to make up with her.

Then she broke up with Luke. She said she was done with relationships and friendships. Luke isn't in any chats again until the 25th though they're back together by the 19th. She never does remove "Single" from her instagram bio and it's still as Single even on the 30th

Sings Happy Birthday to Chandra Sidabutar.

Says her lips are one of her best features.

Her depression kicked in.

Says it's 6PM. She sings part of Katy Perry - E.T.

"Im from dorkton: I would walk 10 mile just to see you smile:)"

Katelyn says "That is so sweet", that cheered her up a little bit. "I was having suicidal thoughts today. I was just laying in bed and i was like, oh my god i would so kill to have a rope right now. literally. Like, i felt terrible today."

"I was like fuck it, fuck the world. Fuck the world."

She mentions why she's having a bad today. Repeats "It's OK" and plans to stay single for a while so people don't think she's "ho hopping".

But she's still smiling. She's been out of school for 3 or 4 weeks and doesn't like being out of school.

AJ says he will use tanning oil to burn the house down.

She said that she doesn't have to change her Instagram status back to single because she hadn't changed it from when she dumped Luke the first time because she knew it wouldn't last long.

She looks to remove Luke from admin. Mentions how no one was chatting yesterday.

She tries the water bottle flip with rubbing alcohol. AJ says he'll burn the closet door with rubbing alcohol and tanning oil.

Sings Courtney Parker - Stolen Innocence.

AJ still talking about fire.

She moves one of her rings so people don't think she's married.

Talks about how she's working on a rap song called "Dear Mister Dad" and it's like a middle finger to him, Matthew Reed Davis.

In reply to MBKyani (about Luke) "I've kinda dumped him today because of what he kept making me do and shit like that and i just i couldn't do it. I couldn't do it."

Says she has 1 brother, 1 sister, and baby cousin Ethan is there. AJ wants her to make Kool-Aid.

She says it's cold in (Cedartown) Georgia right now. Doesn't come back until 42:23 because AJ didn't want her to leave living room.

Luke sent her a snapchat and see checks it, replies with something.

Tells AJ she can't broadcast in the living room because Daphne will see.

Says it's cold. She's tired and her eyes hurt.

Helps AJ in the bathroom. Bathroom is across from trailer's back door.

They both go into back bedroom, she turns the heat on. Her and AJ cuddle in the bed. She's relaxing and feels comfortable with AJ. AJ wants mama to come home, so does Katelyn.

Luke messages her on snapchat again. Refers to him as her ex.

AJ is sleeping and snoring.

Luke texted again (calls him ex again). She lightly laughs about something, something said in the snapchat. Says "... I'm not fallin' for it" directed at what Luke said. He's likely saying rude and/or mean things. Or begging her in a passive-aggressive manner to get back with him.

"I'm Back" A little while then checks snapchat again. Sends a message on sc to Luke.

She leaves stream, saying she might be on a little later and "i'm gonna just try and figure things out, ok? Okay guys." She seemed a bit annoyed with Luke messaging her.

December 16th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ what up ] 14819297614617211873.txt
6:09PM to 6:42PM

No Luke in this chat.

Says she prefers sweet coffee over sweet tea. Loves coffee.

Her Aunt Daphne says something to her.

She puts something away. Her lip hurts from the anxiety biting.

Mentions her snapchat dollyisbroken. She said she deleted her musically app. She says couldn't think of any songs because she doesn't listen to today's music. Doesn't know of any of today's music that's cool. Plus she was running out of storage on her phone.

Says she can't stand her bed.

Sings part of Seven Years by Lukas Graham.

Said the day has been a slow day because no one messaged her.

She says she'll be going to Rockmart in January. Was in Cedartown Middle School going to Rockmart Middle School.

Said Star Wars was never really her thing, she couldn't get into it. "(shows her middle finger) I don't give a shit about the damn startroopers (stormtroopers). Screw the startroopers, and the dark dude, and the laser stuff, and freakin' robots and whatever." I have to agree with her there. Star Wars isn't that great of a film series, new or old.

Hated chick flicks too. Says they're too sad and the movies are bullshit. And i agree, chick flicks are complete, unrealistic garbage.

Mentions how her lip hurts so bad. She'd been chewing on it due to anxiety and had posted a photo on instagram showing it.

Says she's a mean person, like when she's in her comfortable zone ranting about star wars, chick flicks.

She said she could really go for a hug right now in response to Joker40.

Tells Joseph Burger that she doesn't have a boyfriend, "i'm single now."

"I dumped him again because i just couldn't deal with him."

She's upset a little.

Joseph Burger: call me to night

Says she'll try to call Joseph Burger.

She fell asleep at 10 the previous night.

Telling people to not say she's beautiful or hot.

"Fuck the world" puts her middle finger up. "I'm telling the world to fuck itself. Fuck you world."

"My lip hurts. This is what you happens when you have anxiety."

She talks about previous instagram post. "I was literally eating my lip. That shit hurt like fuck."

"I'm not beautiful, but hi."

24:15 "That's creepy, the heater turned on by itself." The heater turns off and she says its creepy (again). She notices that her lips look like a heart.

28:40 talking about her lips being shaped like a heart. Says she hates them and wants them to be like Ariana Grande's

She's dismissing compliments. She's still feeling tired (depression tired). Ends stream to take a little nap. Tells everyone to take care.

December 17th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ Chat wit ITZ DOLLY ] 14820132719365568271.txt
5:22PM to 5:51PM

- chatlog is blank, maybe because she's eating throughout stream, no one was chatting, or log was broke.

She eats dinner off screen because it makes her uncomfortable to eat meals on screen.

Beef tips and rice. 

Gets done eating, back on camera at 9:30. No one is talking still.

Talking about herself being pale. She's on snapchat for a moment. Still no one is talking.

14:27 Sings Say Something. She's improving a lot with her singing.

Sings part of Nelly Hot in Herre. Says fuck the world twice

No one is talking still. Feels like she's going to sneeze. Sniffles, says it hurt a little.

22:30 She does a sign on her neck like she wants to cut or maybe hanging sign. Puts hand in shape of gun to her head. "This is what i feel like doing right now."

23:57 Sings This is How You Remind Me.

26:10 Sings Melanie Martinez - Mad Hatter.

26:34 One of her siblings turns off bedroom light

Checks her snapchat, message from James. Says 4 more videos and it will be her 50th video. Ends stream.

December 19th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ Hellr #Lit ] 14821654568976348525.txt
11:39AM to 12:47PM

Between the 15th and 19th she got back with Luke

Hellr is how she says hello.

Starts stream singing Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri.

She has a demeanor that she's not into streaming as much. That she's losing interest a little. Related to depression, stress.

AJ is probably in room.

Katelyn leaves the room and AJ follows.

Katelyn is going to be left with the kids as her mother Tammy leaves to pick up food and tells her she wants her room cleaned up.

Tammy asks what Katelyn wants her to pick up for her from McDonald's, Katelyn wants a frappe and Tammy says "food wise".

Tammy is asking for $10.

7:44 Tammy comes into Katelyn's bedroom and you hear snorting.

Katelyn comes back into the room. Katelyn says, "have to take care of my little children" as to why she was not on the stream.

She leaves room again. Katelyn comes back onto camera.

11:04 Says she will be "partying" when the adults leave. She's joking. "Last night was stupid", she was skyping/video chatting Luke (says "like usual") and was dancing to music, said she started twerking on the heater. Says wasn't actually twerking. She and Luke thought it was hilarious. So she was clearly back with Luke.

Doing makeup, says she has been talking with a (former) classmate Joshua Hayes about her OD after he asked what happened. Saying he was hitting on her. But she only likes him as a friend. He asks her if she likes to roleplay. She says she does, but mostly about creepypasta "creepypasta is bae" when refering to roleplaying. She says Joshua asked if she would do sexual whatever. She said she didn't care and told him it means nothing. Said he wasn't roleplaying right.

"It was fucked up." It was at a Christmas party. He said a lie that they went to a room and "just started fucking eachother" (her words). Joshua is a white kid. She said it was weird and he started asking for "nudes". She says she does not do that. Another piece of shit that she knew.

Adults begin to argue in other room as Ethan (i think) cries, possibly Ashley and Zachary.

Dismisses being called beautiful and she thinks people are lying.

Says she hasn't gone to Boston yet (to see Luke). She never does visit him. Says she doesn't know why pigtails are a turn on for them. (imo, pigtails are a turn on only to worthless piece of shit boys and manchilds like Luke.). She knows that his fetish shit is questionable. She's doing the pigtails for Luke (likely getting ready to Skype with Luke later, this stream was around noon).

Says "She made the mistake of wearing pigtails whenever we first met" (on live.me on December 3rd, but she's likely misremembering, she didn't wear them then).

She blends four colors with her makeup: Enchanted, Celestial (darker grey), Awaken (grey), Glory (white). Not sure what brand. Then applies highlight. She doesn't use if often nor exactly how to use it. Then applies eye pencil. Then eyeliner. Puts on a purple-tone lipstick. She removes the lipstick (says the purple was a little much) and puts on the red. She also says she doesn't do blush. She puts her makeup in her bedroom, in top dresser drawer, so the kids don't get to it. Her makeup bag, with red lipstick, is in her closet.

41:13 "Which guys, though i put makeup on and stuff like that, and make my outer appearance look good, that's really not what matters. What matters is of what you look like on the inside, not the outside. Like, your personality and shit, and stuff like that, is a lot much prettier than somebody's outer appearance."

Said she likes the dark red lipstick and that it looks like blood.

"But looks doesn't matter. Looks don't matter. It all depends on how you are. How you truly are."

She brushes her teeth and says she should've done it before she put lipstick on.

"its your boy james: where you going"

Katelyn: "I'm goin' nowhere. I actually am home alone. Nobody here."

She only seems calm and in a good mood when she's the only one at home.

"To be honest i think i look like a younger version of Miranda Sings."

She has mentioned that she looks like Miranda Sings in other streams.

Phone rings, a payphone number, so she doesn't answer.

47:32 She gets lipstick from closet again to touch it up.

"But guys remember, looks don't matter. What really matters is if you're healthy and if you're sweet and kind, and just a good person. That's what matters most. Not looks. But heck, i'm already nailing the sweetness stuff so i'm just like, why not? I think i am at least."

51:40 Investigation Discovery (channel) is on. She's a fan of a lot of the channel's shows.

"Now i really do look like an emo."

She changes her pink shirt because it doesn't really look 'emo'. She's looking for a shirt, then goes to dryer. Leaves dryer and walks by Christmas tree. Checks the door, locks it? Or uses light switch? Stops by hallway and camera is facing the hall as she's doing something. Then she goes to her bedroom, gets a shirt. Goes to back bedroom.

Shows her clothes she's wearing and says "black..emo" 57:40.

Water was boiling on the stove but she didn't know why. Someone else put the water on the stove. She's looking for food. Then she looks outside from the kitchen and says there's people outside. Then goes to bedroom and looks out. She thinks it's creepy because she doesn't know what they're doing. She figures they're replacing a stop sign because they start using a metal-cutting saw. She stops watching because it kind of unnerves her, the cutting.

She goes to the living room and sits down. Mentions how she is so pale again.

She ends stream. Mentions IG Dolly_is_loved and snapchat is dollyisbroken (types both in chat). Mentions she got rid of kik taking too much space so she deleted it. Tells everyone to follow her. Says she didn't mean to show middle finger. Tells people to DM her once they follow her instagram and to snap her on snapchat.

December 25th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ Merry F_cking KissMyA$$ ] 14826969727631399055.txt
3:17PM to 4:43PM

See her quotev entry for the 27th

Starts with hearing dryer in background.

AJ tells her to turn on youtube.

"Sorry, i hate Christmas" on why she has the video titled as it is.

She made Luke admin again. Luke calls her Bae.

She shows a Finding Dory pillow.

She says she doesn't like Christmas again.

Some frame dropping.

She's trying to find videos for AJ. AJs getting mad.

She said she's hungry. "We ain't got no food"

She goes to help her mom to find a card, maybe something with a phone number on it.

Says she's Luke's boobear "boo".

Says there's nothing to eat.

Luke acting somewhat jealous in chat over aezakmi.

Curtain falls on her.

country singer james arrives.

She says she's hungry again and wants to pick up room. Says she's also trying to save power.

"country singer james: i was worried about you"

Says she wanted to wait until Christmas because its her 50th broadcast.

She says she's also thinks she needs to lose little bit of weight, to get abs.

She says she's alright. She needed a break and there's a lot of stress going on. Then shows middle fingers and says "fuck the world".

She says she has been practicing singing on snapchat. Like the song Everything Stays from Adventure Time.

She says Luke always snapchatting her and on skype too. Calls him Lukey pookey again, says she loves him. Talking to him like she would one of her siblings or Ethan. She's keeping up appearances, emotions to hide her stressed out state and the fact that she may not like Luke at all anymore and/or because the 30th is approaching and she has things somewhat pre-planned.

Says, "I don't fuckin know. I'm hungry" after saying that. She's questioning things/the relationship more.

Mentions her floor is wet. Leaves room. Comes back in room. Leaves room.

13:46 talking about Luke and show devil horns (rock on) sign.

Says she sees a banana outside. Probably her brother or sister left it out there.

Her view about instagram vs live.me: "I love how like ya'll tell me i'm beautiful and pretty and gorgeous and shit. And then when i get on Instagram everyone like jons (jonin/making fun of or insulting) on me and says i'm ugly. I just, i love that. I love it."

Leaves room. Katelyn tells Luke to stop jonin' (johnin) stop being mean. But she's not being serious.

17:25 "aezakmi: why far away? can i love her too close?

Luke Callahan720: U go close I cut you"

Katelyn: "Luke got a new knife"

She shows her hair bun.

"Luke is mad."
"Yeah. Yeah. You don't want to make Luke mad, but whatever." Katelyn leaves room. She is kind of dismissive in her language.

"Blueyes2016: Hey wanna talk like we use to?"

Katelyn: She says "nah" "I don't cheat on my bae."
"we can still be friends"

She leaves room for a short time.

Luke talking to Blueyes2016: Luke Callahan720: Try and talk like I'm not here try.

Luke Callahan720: Don't have to be all I Gaya do is make a call.

Blueyes2016: Try me not afraid like just saying u a little boy Iam grown.

Luke blocks Blueyes.

Tammy tells Katelyn to get Gorilla Glue.

Beeping in room, when Katelyn is near closet, is a metal detector which she takes out. A lower-end/priced one.

She leaves, comes back in.

Takes a screw out of dresser drawer handle because it keeps cutting her.

She says she's good but hates Christmas.

Her mother tells her to hurry and do something and she goes outside quickly. Someone's sitting on front door steps. Katelyn looks like she's watching for something. Some frame dropping occurs.

She talks with AJ and says it feels good out here.

25:35 There's a sign/marker on the trailer with a 15 and it looks like it says Polk on it. Also one with a 10 on the window.

The weather is calm, mild weather like after a small storm. Beautiful, nice mostly cloudy weather.

There's a fuel tank in the background behind Katelyn.

AJ says "it's pretty out here"

Katelyn shows the abandoned trailer near them off to (roughly) the North.

AJ mentions Taylor (their cousin) and Tyler, thinking she said Taylor, not trailer.

AJ is cutting a tree, a little branch.

Katelyn says "stop cutting the tree. You're so mean"

Katelyn stands on the tree (branch) that AJ is cutting and she says, "...fall, and imma die."

Cutting anything seems like it upsets her.

She starts to make her way to the back tree. She mentions something about Spring (frames are dropping).

She spins around and you see the fence in the background..

27:32 "Can't, i gotta watch this dude. Make sure he doesn't get into the trunk."

Fence and neighbor's house is behind her. She's facing roughly Northeast and an abandoned trailer is off to her left (North). Video temporarily skips.

Says she has to stay near the house. She shoots a tree with her BB gun from Christmas (early Christmas gifts around the 20th). Video drops frames.

"Luke Callahan720: Smoke all day eryday" and "Luke Callahan720: It's a nice tree" when she's around trees.  He's probably just smoked (weed) and feeling a little high and everything's a joke to the idiot. Katelyn's hardly paying attention to him but responds a little here and there.

29:35 AJ says, "cut into pieces."

Katelyn starts singing line of Papa Roach - Last Resort. Same song i thought of when i watched the video for the first time.

AJ shoots a tree. Katelyn starts making her way to The Tree.

You can see one neighbors house way in the background, off to the North.

30:13 "Right over herre (here). This is where we go. We come over here. ...This is where we go" Then she looks directly into camera. "This is our little...that place" (smiles and poses with peace sign). She's at the tree.

Frames getting dropped. She has a telling look on her face.

30:48 Her mom calls her back to the trailer.

30:58 She makes the rock out sign

She sits outside of her bedroom window where there's a green wrought iron/metal bench.

She goes in the trailer to get a caulk gun and says "it's not an actual gun". She sets phone down while looking for it. Finds it then hands it to someone outside.

"Luke Callahan720: Cuddle me"

Katelyn: "I will cuddle you Lukey Pookie" The pet name just to keep her emotions, the dwindling amount she has for him, and to keep him happy.

She's spinning. Shows off the trailer. First back bedroom. Then the back bathroom. Then the hallway near back door. Her bedroom. Kitchen then laundry room. Living room. Front door. Kid's room. Then kid's bathroom. She says she lives in a tiny house but likes tiny houses.

Tells Luke "I am your bae". Trying to reassure him and convince herself a little.

She can't find anything to eat.

Tells Luke she'll Skype with him in an hour, around 5PM.

36:00 She's hungry and making hot dogs.

Calls it Merry KissMyAss.

Said she can feel her hips. She starts dabbing, "broke the dab meter".

"I want you Luke" Calls him Lukey Pookey again. She's dancing.

38:00 She says she can't twerk.

"Luke Callahan720: Baby u know what we are doing later hmmm" Luke hinting at inappropriateness on Skype.

Katelyn: "Don't do that" "You'll be the death of me Luke. You're seriously going to be the death of me." "I wish i had music on." "mhmm, yeah yeah, i know...it's Christmas..." She's thinking about killing herself and the idiot Luke doesn't even pick up on it or doesn't care.

40:17 Says that Ariana Grande is her role model. She begins singing along with the song on TV, On Demand, Spectrum cable. She's in kitchen singing along with song.

42:54 She helps her mother bring in brother.

Katelyn: 43:10 "imma give it up" (looking into camera). A mix of feelings towards Luke and feeling a bit in a whirlwind of oblivion. Remember, "she hates Christmas" for reasons that pre-date the December 27th Christmas gathering with family. Perhaps something horrible happened to her on Christmas in the past or she's just upset with the idea of the holiday as a whole given her family's poorness and lack of feeling like a family, a 'home'.

Tammy says "Son, i'll be right back. I love you."

It's sunny outside and Katelyn opens flag curtain.

She sings Smoke and Mirrors (Nightcore).

She starts singing part of Everything Stays from Adventure Time.

AJ is trying to go outside.

45:38: She shows the hotdogs on the stove.

Frames skip,

She sings part of My Chemical Romance - Mama. Like she did on December 13th

Tells Luke to not be too perverted. Luke being perverted, inappropriate:

"Luke Callahan720: Ya eat my hot dogs. Luke Callahan720: Mines hot and ready"

Katelyn: "I didn't know you had more than one hot dog. Damn, ok. Shit, i'm like ok, the more, the merrier (laughs)".

AJ says their town Cedartown, Georgia even though Katelyn tells him not to.

She doesn't want people in this chat to know town.

Singing Everything Stays again. Ashley(?) tells her to go outside and get Ethan. Ashley(?) says she has  to make a few phone calls.

Katelyn leaves to get Ethan.

She begins dancing and dancing with Ethan. She plays with Ethan with one of those self-going toy cars.

The hot dogs are done. She takes two at first. Ethan follows her into her bedroom and he's clearly hungry. She gets Ethan a hot dog.

No one's really talking in the chat. She puts the camera on herself as Ethan walks in.

Says she doesn't like Christmas and it's just another day for her.

Ethan says "shit" and Katelyn tells him not to say that, it's a bad word.

Her meal of hotdogs is just like on the 28th. She had two hotdogs but got another one because she's till hungry. It's around 4:30 and it's the first thing she has had to eat. She says she loves ketchup. Ethan begins eating ketchup off her hotdog again. She gets another hotdog. 4th hotdog.

She says bye to Luke, "bye Lukey Pookey." She ends stream because she's bored and no one is talking.

"So, Merry Fucking KissMyAss, Happy Chaunkah (as pronounced), and if there's any other holiday that i'm missing, Happy New Years."

Looking a little stressed like her thoughts are getting to her again. She knows her mother won't be coming back for a while too. She ends the stream.

December 27th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ Talk with Dolly ] 14828696448218563969.txt
3:14PM to 4:32PM

This streams starts around 3:16PM
2:23 Can you hear me now? *No audio for first 2:29*

She was messing with headphone plug and it made the sound they do when you contact the plugs with your skin. AJ says he was listening to Jesus music. The song was about murdering people. Clearly not religious music. She has a mark on left side of face, maybe acne.

3:00 She gets up quickly, thinks she is about to pass out "Think i'm about to pass" out., blood pressure drop causes her not to be able to see too well "Oh oh shit. Shit. Shit. I can't see. Damn. Damn. God. Damn. Shit." and almost loses balance, falls backwards. More likely stress related, anxiety. Low blood sugar from not eating, perhaps another medical condition.

She goes to take her Prozac and says she only has 5 left. Maybe a month's supply and it's almost the end of December. Mentions how she has to take a pill every day. Says she takes it for depression. Cyclobenzaprine pills are also in the place where her Prozac is, medicine chest. The bottle says Tammy M. Rogers.

On food, she said she did have something to eat "good country food".

Talking mostly with aezakmi while she's making instant coffee to take her Prozac with.

Says she just gets depressed, "I'm not me when i'm depressed."

She mentions that Luke is in the chat.

Talks about depression again, "It's just, it's a lot i get depressed about. Like, i don't get depressed over nothing. It's just everything that has happened."

"It is 3:20PM where i live." "And I, I just get depressed over anything and everything. OK, no i don't. I don't know. Which, sometimes, my Prozac works, sometimes it doesn't. So, it just depends. Like, if somebody makes me really sad."

AJ thinks the coffee steam is going to burn the house down.

Sings part of Macklemore - Thrift Shop.

"aezakmi: it's morning hear 3am"

Katelyn starts talking about Ben (Ben Drowned - Legend of Zelda Creepypasta) "Why are you up at 3AM? That's the time that Ben gets up. If you don't know who Ben is umm...i need to tell you all who Ben is. Ben is a real important person in my life. Let's just say he's a...i'm only kidding!" She says it almost like she catches herself and stops herself from continuing, talking about believing a fictional character is real. She runs off screen like she's embarassed. Her mind is rushing.

She starts talking about soup she forgot about and it's frozen in freezer. She's moving a wooden toolbox for AJ, into her room.

She starts talking about Ben again. "I oughta tell ya'll about who Ben is but i don't really feel like tell you because if i do i get really emotional. Ben, Ben was...i don't even know where to begin with Ben. Let's just say me and him were together for a very, very, very long time. Uhh, he was the longest relationship i've ever had with anybody. We were together for seven months actually. Seven months. We were together. Uhh, i actually remember the time... i remember the time, the day, the year, and the place i was at whenever we got together. Which i know it's weird but i asked him out because he was a being a fucking coward. So, i remember him. I miss him. I do. Though i'm with Luke right now, i still miss him. Like, i got really emotional. We didn't really break up. Umm, it's the fact that, umm, he catfished me so that killed me badly." Another sign of her insecurity with Luke and the "relationship"

Bobby (?) comes in asking if the heat is on. It is, but Katelyn doesn't realize that the heater turned itself on.

"He catfished me and..." "Anyways, me and Ben... hmph.. god i remember him, i loved him so much, i might even end up crying because i miss him so much. But, it's not even a him. It's a her. I found out that Ben was a, was catfishing me. Which if i ever talk to ya'll personally, which i do a lot, i like talk...like people send me something and then we talk and then they give me their snapchat or whatever and we talk there. It's nothing bad, so Luke we don't, we don't sexual or anything but we talk and shit. We become friends and shit. Like, you'll like, especially if the person like sends a picture of em and they're like really cute or something or like that, they look like a fucking model, i like, like Blueyes knows (Blueyes2016-the one Luke blocked on the 25th), blueyes, i asked him, i literally made him freakin...i made him stick out his tongue and take a picture of himself because like i didn't believe him. I didn't believe that he was who he said he was because of Ben. Ben catfished me, we were the long...that was the longest relationship i've ever had and he catfished me. He is actually a she named Alexa. So, i...i got hurt really bad. Umm, my wounds never healed from it...I just...i can't talk no more about it." She tries to reassure Luke because he's likely being jealous or untrustworthy and a part of herself still likes him.

She begins playing with AJ and Katelyn has to get up because someone knocks and one of the kids (probably AJ) locked the back door.

"Long story short, me and Ben we loved eachother and then i found out he was a she and then i got pissed and upset and i've never gotten over it. The end. So, like if ya'll...i don't..i don't know how to say this but if i find ya'll attractive like, like really attractive i will fucking ask you proof that you are who you say you are. So. Just because I...i'm not even...it hurt me bad. It did."

She leaves to help Bobby(?) with baby Ethan.

"Anyways. Anyways...i'm not..i'm not even going to. Like if i really talk anymore about how much me and Ben were together, first of all Luke's gonna get jealous and pissed off, cause i know Luke, and, second of all, might end up having an emotional breakdown because...mm, it got me badly. It really did. It really did. Now me and Ben, we still talk but..like..uhh..or should i say Alexa, we still talk but it's just not the same. I kind of wish i didn't know who he really was but, at the same time, i'm glad i did find out who he was. Cause if i didn't find out who Ben was i would still be stuck in that relationship where i'm talking to someone i don't know. They could've, she could've like came here and said that he was picking me up to like see eachother for the first time and then i go, i get kidnapped, i get murdered. That could happen. So i'm really glad i found out. Which i have to thank my friend Zane, uhh, he got his friend that he knows to help me out and uh we found out. So umm, it...it, it, it got me. It really did. I need to stop talking about it or i'm going to end up bursting out in tears cause it, it really got me. You know."

She watching tv to try and shut the pain out of her mind (around 18:25). Henry Danger is on tv, Nickelodeon, in the background

"Oooh, i just got really emotional. I just, i can't do it. I can't talk no more. I'm..mm..i miss Ben but i can't, i just..i'm just mm...if i talk anymore about him i'm gonna throw up everywhere and i will be an emotional breakdown and my phone will literally be sittin down and you will like watch me cry for the about an hour. I'm not even going to."

She's staring vacantly to try and distract herself. Then she changes Ethan's diaper. She comes back because he didn't have to be changed.

"Now somebody talk to me so i don't have to just get reminded over and over about it because i'm literally about to freakin go in a corner and cry my eyes out because i just mm mm, he is just, let's just say he's a big part of my life."

20:08 "I was planning... the day we met was actually the day i was planning on hanging myself. So, he stopped me and we talked and we got together and then...yeah..then i got good, i got better. I was happy for that short amount of time until like everything he said started to sound really sketchy and terrible and i just couldn't do it anymore." (She was planning to hang herself since 7 months prior to November or so, which would mean around April, until she met "Ben".)

AJ asks to put lipstick on.

Katelyn says to Ethan, "what is in your ear?"

Katelyn back to talking about Ben: "I can't think about Ben right now. I can't. I can't. I can't. I can't. I can't. If i do i'm going to cry, so i can't."

Ethan is crying still but Katelyn gets him to stop by getting him to play with a toy car.

22:14 Katelyn has scratches on her feet but may not necessarily be self harm. She gets up and her hip pops. She starts doing makeup. People still aren't talking. She begins playing with AJ again and dancing to toy music. Back to makeup as AJ plays with toy.

25:50 Katelyn shows a baby picture of herself when she was little, then a picture of herself at 8 years old. Says she was an ugly little thing. Ethan grabs towards the photos, Katelyn says "You can't have it" talking to Ethan like a parent does to a child then she says, "you're a butt butt." in the same light-hearted manner.

One of the toys plays a song and she asks Ethan, "Want Katie to sing?" Katelyn, for the first time, refers to herself in the third person.

She probably liked being called Katie.

31:52 "This is my baby" "I love children. Luke can't stand 'em when they scream. But i..i can deal with it. I have more patience then the average 13 year old." (again she was 12, though would've been 13 on February 20.) She's having a lot of second thoughts about Luke. Their "relationship" was very weak at this moment, or she knew the day was approaching, or both.

37:20 She puts a movie on for the kids. The Croods.

country singer james arrives in chat.

39:14 starts doing makeup but decides to change shirt because it can be seen through.

40:29 arrives back, only with a charger and then mentions shirt again and where Ethan clawed her.

Luke is still in the chat but she says that he's probably playing video games and not paying any attention to her (her stream). Ethan is whining loud.

46:07 She pours her coffee out, 46:57 poured it out. No one's talking on chat. She's doing makeup, maybe for Luke Skype or for herself. She's stressing because Ethan keeps crying because they're tired.

54:48 her mother wants her to do the dishes but the water is still turned off because someone's fixing the pipes. Two weeks since Katelyn did them while Bobby and Zach were there.

Video freezes at around 58:57 and continues around 59:16.

Around 1:03:00 she finishes makeup, starts doing hair in back bedroom.

1:04:20 "I got told just the other day...i got told two things, people keep hitting on me. And two of the things that freakin got me was one person said that i was so hot that i started global warming. And another one was if looks would kill i would be the serial killer."

1:05:20 She comments that she thinks she looks like a serial killer. Then says it again in the bathroom.

She sings Everything Stays from Adventure Time.

1:08:10 has a changed shirt. Says her (Converse) shoes have more lives than a cat. I think Taylor (cousin) is there. Leaves room.

Katelyn: 1:09:02 "I look nothing like you mom" Tammy: "Well, why are you proud of that?"

Katelyn: "The old Katelyn, i don't know what happened to her."

This is Katelyn's way of saying she doesn't think she looks like her mother because Katelyn thinks that she, herself, is ugly. Something that she's talked about in other streams and how people told her that she is ugly. It's her way of saying that her mother isn't ugly like Katelyn believes herself to be. :(

Comes back in room to put shoes on, says because floor is wet is why she's putting them on in the house (to her mom), and sings Everything Stays from Adventure Time.

She says "Don't mind my singing. I know my singing's terrible."

Tammy makes a comment about nothing worse than stepping on a Lego 1:11:32. Katelyn agrees and says to the chat "Does anybody know that pain?"

Asks herself why she keeps singing Everything Stays over and over.

Says she needs more superglue for her shoes or new shoes. Wants another pair of Converse  like the ones she has.

Wants a hairbow for her shirt but doesn't have one.

No one's chatting and she leaves the room.

Outside her room, right at the end, she sings Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane.

She then comes back into room and says she has to go to let the phone charge. She was dressed up like she was going somewhere and her mom keeps saying "let's go."

December 27th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ Fun wit DOLLY ] 14828900204725966565.txt
8:54PM to 9:40PM

She starts streaming around 8:55 PM.

1:12 "Joseph Burger: hayyy what's up beautiful" She blushes

Says "Things have gotten a little cuckoo lately"

perv jeff456 is back in chat (first time since the 7th) asking if she still wants to model for "new teen site". skype tigereye669.

3:28 Says she had a terrible Christmas, that she doesn't like Christmas.

3:30 AJ wants milk. He also mentions 'night night milk'. Perhaps melatonin is put in their cup of milk at night, liquid melatonin, since it's a popular thing these days that parents use to help their children sleep. She goes into bunkbed bedroom with AJ.

4:13 They're watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the Christmas episode.

She says she hates mustard, "just thinking about it makes me ewwww."

AJ wants milk still.

Joseph Burger: what have you been up to Katelyn says she's "been up to depression".
"I've been really negative today. I've been really negative because i'm a pessimist. Pessimists are negative."

She talks about having to take Prozac every single day. She loves the name Jeff and repeats their name a few times.

9:34 Says she's stepping on water as she dances.

"Joseph Burger: I was getting worried about you"

Katelyn: "Aww, don't worry about me sweetie."

She's streaming because she's bored and no one's texting her. The people she doesn't want texting her are texting her and the people she wants to text her aren't texting her. She mentions Luke, Matt (the friend who she mentioned in the December 14 stream that helped her (possibly matthewJallen1). She's probably feeling a little alone online.

No one she likes is texting her.

She keeps singing part of Avril Lavigne Hello Kitty song.

Mentions she lives in Georgia.

Says her eyes are huge.

'hit that,2high4life' lives in Florida.

Katelyn mentions Matt lives in Florida, and a Natalie who lives in Florida too.

14:20 "Like, that's really the only thing that makes me blush is whenever people like compliment me... i'm used to being insulted and not complimented so, people compliment and i'm just like 'nhnn' (covers face with part of arm)."

14:45 She then puts a gun symbol to her head.

15:09 'hit that,2high4life': You look like a rock star

Katelyn says she's emo and loves rock. Loves Three Days Grace and Skillet and Five Finger Death Punch.

"I'm the weirdest goth person ever."

"Also love Avril Lavigne. She is amazing." She also likes Disturbed.

She seems to be in a pensive mood.

16:21 "And for some reason i'm just waiting for somebody to like, end up like looking through my window. I don't know why, just..."

She also likes Fall Out Boy. She likes their songs "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark", the shorter version (Light Em Up). She has the song memorized.

Keeps doing the steal your man and juju on that beat dances. Says that she's not too good at the hand part. Says the floor is squishy from being wet.

18:40 Mentions again that she is waiting for somebody to look through the window. Like someone she doesn't know, "like a clown."

18:47: 'hit that,2high4life': You have a lot of energy.

People aren't talking much.

Singing Hello Kitty.

She says she doesn't know why she does the juju on that beat dance and dabbing all the time

20:16 'hit that,2high4life': listen to some old metallica

Katelyn says she does listen to Metallica, that new Metallica sucks and old school Metallica is better. "Oh my God, so good", talking about Metallica and puts hands to chest. Says that everyone she knows says the new Metallica sucks "and the old Metallica is the bomb. It is bae."

Says her shoe just fell apart again and that the superglue didn't work.

21:16 Then she shows the shoe and says they're the only shoes she has. She doesn't know what happened to her other pair. Said she'll be going to school with "that" (busted shoes).

"They'll probably be making fun of me and then i'm gonna have to knock somebody out. Cause ya don't fuck with Dolly, OK? OK." "Don't fuck with Dolly." "I don't know, i'm just like my teacher, Mrs. S?, she's my homeroom teacher, i'm just like her, she's like really crazy and kooky. But she's also very violent." (laughs). "I need some more shoes. Cause i'm not going and somebody says, "what are those!" Cause i'll be like, "something you can't afford bitch." She's braiding her hair.

22:39 "Everybody says i'm lit." She says the Christmas party she went to on the 18th was boring "but whenever i came it got lit as fuck. Cause i'm just a lit person. Like, that's my personality. I'm lit, okay. I'm a lit person." "I'm lit. Yep, i'm lit. I'm lit as fuck. I might be too lit. Nahh. I make everything awesome, i do."

23:52 "Still waiting for somebody to just peak through that window." AJ walks into the room and asks what happened.

25:40 Says she wants to learn Japanese, thinks its an interesting language.

26:57 looks out window as someone is driving by with a loud vehicle. Starts singing This is How You Remind Me. Then she's drawing on the wall with mascara.

28:13 she looks at camera upside-down a few times, gets a head rush (blood pressure).

28:58 says "i'm punk. i'm an awesome punk."

"Odd-Eyes Dragon: can you an headstand?" She tries to do a headstand but doesn't. Says it's too late and she'd wake people up if she does it.

Has Hello Kitty song stuck in her head. She says she's never done a headstand before but probably can.

She's coloring her thumb with mascara to make a thumbprint on the wall but it doesn't work. Shows thumbprint smudged on wall.

Says she doesn't listen to pop.

Says to someone that she does listen to Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out. Says she "doesn't have time" (to listen to more music). Sings Hello Kitty again.

32:21 "Fuck life" with middle finger.

"hit that,2high4life: have a good night"

Katelyn: "you too" (with gun symbol towards camera then points at camera) "You have a good night."

32:35 "I'll be walking up into school and just being like..." then does a walk. She does a high kick to her hand and pops her leg, her hip, and it hurts a little. "I'm just weird, i'm a weirdo."

Sings Hello Kitty then says, "You know what? I'm just waiting for somebody to be perverted for some reason cause...somebody says something really perverted and nasty and i'm just waiting for that to happen. It hasn't happened yet, which i hope it doesn't happen but i'm waiting for it to happen. Cause i never know...do a broadcast with at least one person being nasty."

She doesn't know how to guest people. Says she's surprised no one has said anything perverted yet. Mother calls her name. She's being a 'grammar person' again.

34:58 She leaves room to put Abbi in bed.

Comes back in at 37:45. She loves grammar and loves correcting people. "i'm a weird but awesome person."

Luke appears near end of chat. "Luke Callahan720: I saw that face Luke Callahan720: ThT lip bite  Luke Callahan720: Who was that for" "I missed you Lukey Pookie. (laughs) What the fuck am i doing?" Says the lip bite was for him. (Luke showing his jealousy)

Talks about Hannukah. She doesn't believe in it, celebrate it.

Says she kept calling Luke earlier, before he arrived in the chat, but he's been on video games. She thinks that if he's not answering that he's with some other girl.

The day before, the 26th, she leaves Luke a video message that was "very very violent" "it was hilarious." Luke Callahan720: I still have it ?? (expressionless face emoji) She told him not to watch it (the day she sent it) and she thought it was hilarious when he did. She was pissed at the time she recorded it and said she said in the message "i'm gonna get your ho and sew her vagina up so you can't fuck her."

Says Luke called her back, after watching it, and said, You know, i can still fuck her in the ass?"

Katelyn says, "It was hilarious, i love it." You can tell that she was hurt by what his response was. Luke is a real piece of shit and was only saying these things to mess with Katelyn's head. For him, it was a game to tear down someone that he knew was vulnerable. He had that game in mind from when he first "met her" on live.me on December 2nd, 2016.

She's messing with her eyeshadow and starts putting it on her lips, feeling uneasy. Luke is about to stream on Twitch.

Says "I'm emo. I already told you i'm emo."
"Oh my god that looks good on me. Like, death, dark, uhhlll, (laughs). I don't even know. (laughs again). I don't even know." She's feeling down but trying to hide it.

"Luke Callahan720: U don't like me streaming"

Katelyn: (wiping eye shadow off lips) "Not really. Just cause like, i don't know. It's weird. Because i just uhh, i like to spend time with you, ya know? Like  nnnh, it's like the only reason i even did this   was because like you just woke up."

Luke Callahan720: I don't stream this I stream on twitch cuz it's better.

Katelyn: "Yeah, well. Still i like to, i like to talk to you. (she's beginning to slightly stutter, getting a little upset) Like, i just, i don't know, it's weird. I just love you. Cause i just do." "Besides, we haven't Skyped eachother. Yeah."

She's spilling out her heart here and getting emotional as she feels Luke is pushing her aside because he streams on twitch

"Luke Callahan720: For everyone"

Luke Callahan720: Answer skype" Luke probably makes a half-ass attempt to make her feel better, on Skype, but he's in over his head

Katelyn: "I will, okay?" "Guys, imma go because my bae is more important than some lame ass broadcast. Which only has 96 views...i will, will (to Luke). So just follow me and just fuck it, i'm leaving. Bye (waves) Finishhh" Stream ends. (She's feeling very vulnerable, upset, and getting sick of a pattern with Luke. She's also says that to hold onto an emotion and to reassure Luke and not make him jealous/"angry". He probably had a little outburst once on Skype in a previous time. She still feels like Luke is only one of the few people that care. Though he seemingly cares very little.

December 28th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ makeup with Dolly ] 14829538074889050317.txt
2:37PM to 3:32PM

- (glitched video w/audio only after certain part) Transcript copied and pasted from http://www.astrolog.org/itzdolly.htm#talk, but somewhat modified here

The short beginning of the stream she's wearing a Bagram Afghanistan military insignia sweatshirt.  Her father Matthew Reed Davis was in the military so maybe it's a sweater that he gave to her in the past.

Wiping off old mascara, eyeshadow from the day before. She gets up and says someone's username wrong (jokingly says 'i got a little bit of dyslexia') She's leaving the bathroom and says "Stop Abbi" as Abbi messes with her.

She starts breathing hard, maybe getting lightheaded. Stress. The pain from her cutting in the evening of the 27th Then she starts making stuttering sounds. Then she catches herself and says a breathy "okay. okay" as she walks still. Walks through the kitchen, controlling her breathing.

"Sorry, i just..."

"Waylay Dave: Pool side or beach"

"Ummm, poolside. Poolside, for the win." She's quickly in and out of the bunkbed bedroom. "Poolside..let me check something. Let me check..."

She breaths in deeply and the last frame is of her face staring with wide eyes. "Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my..."

She's checking snapchat probably but it (the live.me app) never recovers from the app switch. Then video goes grey. She's messaging quickly.

She sounds lightheaded, stressed, sighs a few times, like she wants to pass out at this moment.

Luke arrives and she says, "hey baby."

Luke Callahan720: I like cookies 

Katelyn: "I do too bruh. I love cookies. I love 'em."

She's in sibling's bathroom, she says her sibling's bathroom is going to be her new room, for the time being, because of the leaky pipe in her room and it has to be fixed.

She was having problems with Luke given something he says in chat.

"Luke Callahan720: She's mad at me" Luke has likely purposefully doing thing to make her mad at him to try and break things off. Perhaps even already telling her the fake story about killing his sister's rapist. Possibly he hadn't sent the picture (to Katelyn) of the person/"rapist" he "killed" yet. That was probably his second step if the first step didn't work.

Katelyn: "I'm not mad at you Luke. I.. am.. not.. mad, ok. I'm not mad."

About the stream going out "Can't see me? Alright"

To Luke: "I'm just, i'm worried about you. That's all. I'm not scared of you either Luke. Trust me, i'm not." Katelyn's trying to hold onto him and he's likely thinking about his next step after this, to break things off with her. Possibly why he's also silent throughout the rest of this chat, except fr saying "Ya" a few minutes later. He may have even left chat after she started getting into faith talk. Though he begins to text her more often. Which, the last time he did that in a previous stream he was breaking up with her.

"Can you see me now guys?"

To Luke: "I'm not mad or scared. I'm not. (sighs)."

"Odd-Eyes Dragon: nope still cant see. its all gray" She thinks it's the grayness is from her hoodie.

(hurts from pain) "Shit! Fuck, why did i do that? Don't ask, please don't ask. Let's just say i hurt myself a lot yesterday. (laughs)" (cut herself likely over Luke and growing stress)

"Which is why i'm wearing long sleeves and pants. Cause i can't wear shorts or short sleeves anymore...for reasons."

"Luke Callahan720: Ya" (the last thing he says in the chat today)

Katelyn: "I love you Luke" with a giggle.

Says she likes Avril Lavigne, "because she's beautiful, talented, and my favorite ever."

She was trying to make her makeup look like her but she thought she looked scary.

6:13 Luke texts her. Katelyn says "I love you baby". Texts him back.

AJ comes in the room and touches her hurting arm. Her shoulder hurts.

She texts Luke.

"Ahhh, fuck my life."

Tells AJ to get her a bandaid or two. AJ kisses her after concern.

8:15 Somebody used the kid's bathroom where they shouldn't have. But didn't use the toilet.

8:25 AJ says a nasty liar did it.

8:47 "That guy did it". Abbi yells. She's having camera quality problems on her side though screen is gray.

11:00 Katelyn tells AJ: "Don't call the cops." AJ and Abbi playing a game talking about calling cops. "Calling the cops? (uncomfortable laugh) Oh my god, You're all gonna be the death of me."

13:21 "My mind's not with me right now. My mind is really not with me right now." She's showing her eyes to camera but of course screen is gray.

14:45 Luke texts her. She texts back. I'm sure he's trying to figure out a way to end the "relationship" with her.

19:16 another text from Luke. She texts (snapchats) back. (laughs about something). Her laughs during snaps/texts are due to her feeling uneasy, at least in previous streams.

20:06 sneezes. Says she's under a lot of stress, "If I don't say your name, and you joined, I'm sorry... I try to say everyone's name. I don't just say the people I like. I try to say everybody's name." Leaves room, phone rings not long after. She answers the phone when her mother calls

22:20 she leaves to get charger. If she didn't answer she would've been in "deep shit" because of something she said. She doesn't want anybody to say nasty comments because of her stressed state of mind. The investigation into her quotev posts was started on December 27th, 2016 about being abused by Anthony Lee Rogers. Quotev themselves likely contacted authorities.

Movie with Stone Cold Steve Austin says "look at me you piece of trash." The Expendables

Katelyn: "that's a violent show."
AJ: "Somebody called me a piece of trash."
Katelyn: "They didn't call you a piece of trash."

25:14 says she's about to text Luke again.

26:08 "I used the wrong eyeliner. I'm really not with myself today."

27:26 All her makeup is what she got for Christmas, The Color Workshop.

28:46 "I love you Lukey Pookie"

Starting at 35:02
"Beauty: The face for beauty, that doesn't matter. What matters is inside your heart, that's the true beauty. Now, sure I'm doing makeup. That doesn't necessarily mean that I'm beautiful. Like sure, I might look pretty, but if I don't have just a good heart, and if I don't love people, and just be kind and sweet, that doesn't really make me beautiful.

AJ and Abbi talking about cat in wall (probably the small kitten that they would beat up on) and AJ says its dead. Talks about acne showing and Joe arrives 'Joefromgoodwill' Katelyn dabs (arm 'dance'). Katelyn is trying to keep the kids quiet saying "that's nice".

So guys, remember, beauty is not just on the outside. Beauty also has to come within. And if you're really good to people, and you're really sweet, but you don't think you look good, just give it time. I'm not big religious, but I will say that God has a place for everyone, and God does some amazing, incredible things. I'm a Christian, so I believe in God and Jesus. Now, I was bullied, and I cut. I was suicidal. I just wasn't in my right place yet. I will show you how I used to look. Now I had a really kind heart. I didn't bully anybody, I was actually a really loving person. I loved everybody and everything. I loved animals, I just loved everything. This is what I used to look like. And now I look like this. The reason why is because I did good, I did what I was supposed to do. Like, karma. So beauty doesn't just come from your face, and from makeup. Beauty also comes within, inside of you.

You just got to be good to other people. So, just be true to people, and God will do some freakin amazing things. Trust me! God is an amazing person. All you have to do is pray. He always listens. I prayed to be beautiful, and to be smart. Not only that, just to make other people happy. And it seems to most people I got that wish. Which, I think I did receive that wish.

I don't think the gift of beauty is what everybody else thinks. I think the beauty that I received was in my heart. Because I might be negative and a pessimist, but I am always there to help for people. That's the beauty I got, I got the beauty to help. Inner beauty is the best beauty ever. Outer beauty, it's ok, but you got to remember, appearances change. Appearances don't matter. What matters is personality and your heart. So though I just did a makeup thing, that doesn't matter. This is only to make people feel better, to make their self-esteems just feel so much better. Makeup doesn't really do anything. All it does is just make people feel better. I feel better sometimes when I put it on. I mean, it makes me feel beautiful. Because throughout all my life, I was called ugly. I know I'm beautiful, not just because of my appearance, but also because of my personality. And I know I'm preaching to you all right now, but I just wanted to say that I didn't want you to think I'm all vain and shit. I'm not vain at all, no I'm not vain.

And don't try to compare yourself to me please, or to anybody else. Because, makeup you can learn how to do it perfectly. Now, not all makeup is for everybody. It's not for everybody. But if it is for you then good. I won't want to say "hey use makeup", no I'm not like that. I'm not like "if you don't use makeup then you're a loser", no. To be honest, I don't like putting on makeup, but I just - it makes me feel good. I think it would be better if I didn't wear makeup, because it would show my true appearance, my actual self, my true beauty, which everybody has. Everybody who says they're ugly, they're really not! They just haven't found it yet. Appearances, it's pretty, it's cute, but it's not beauty. Beauty, is from the inside, not the outside. Trust me! It's not from the outside, it's from the inside. What's beautiful, is your heart and personality.

What's beautiful, is you. Everybody's beautiful in their own way, whether it be appearance, or heart, personality, their talents, anything. Their brain, their soul, the way they dress, their body shape (which doesn't even matter, but it is a part of beauty). I think everybody's beauty, and what I hate is when people say that they're fat, they think they're ugly. Really no, so what, so what if you don't like the way you look, you can change that, easily. But to be honest I wouldn't change for anybody.

I didn't change for anybody. Only person I changed for, was myself, and my Lord because - I don't know if you all are Christian or not, if you are then good, and if you're not then I'm not going to judge you, I'm not! Let's just say I really have turned some atheists (which are people who don't believe in religion) into Christians, because I tell them the truth. I mean, I just let this word inspire people. Let's just say God is just - there's no words. He's amazing! He can help you. If you pray to God. He always hears. He might not answer like that, but that's only because he's testing you. Now, if you think you're ugly right now, and you're blaming him. "Ok, you made me like this, why? Why did you make me look so fricking ugly. Why do I have to look like this?"

Joefromgoodwill:  Aye

If you're blaming him for that, that means you're failing the test. You need to have faith in Him. Have faith in God, because if you don't like the way you look, that's just a test. But you know what you need to do? You need to be like, "Ok God, I know I'm beautiful, I know I'm beautiful. You made me like this because you wanted me to be something else. You wanted me to be different. And it's ok to be different, because you know what. In your eyes, I don't care about anybody else. But in your eyes, I'm probably the most beautiful creature. You made me like this because I'm beautiful." I know I'm beautiful, and I'm strong. I won't let these other people bring me down because I am what I am. You made me like this because you wanted me to be like this.

Joefromgoodwill: Peach it gal (preach it gal)

Preach. Which it's true, if you feel like you're ugly, you don't need makeup, you just need to say, "Hey Lord, look, I'm sorry for everything I've done." Confess your sins, and then say, "I know why you brought me here in this world, that's because you wanted me to be here to do something, and I am going to do something." I might not think that my appearance is well, but that's only because I don't see the beauty yet. But whenever I finally get older and wiser I will see that I'm beautiful the whole entire time. That's what you need to do. Don't stress over not being perfect for anyone. If someone doesn't like you, who cares? Who cares if they don't like you? I mean not everybody's going to like you. Trust me, I have a LOT of people who doesn't like me. Because they know I'm right. I'm not always right, but most time I am.

I'm not going to correct somebody for their religion. Not, "You're Jewish and I don't like you" - nope. No, I'm not like that. I'm not like that at all. Somebody's Muslim, who cares? They're a religion, to me. I don't care if they're Muslim or if they're Jew, or whatever. I don't care. I just don't look at that. Because in my religion, I know they're still God's children. And I would hope that they would give Christianity a chance, but I'm not going to force it onto them. I might say, "Hey, I want to tell you something about my religion." And then if they like it, they could join in. That's how I am, I believe in my Lord and Saviour, God. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. I believe in the devil. I know that he's here, I know that for a fact, that I don't want to be near him. I will say this, I respect the devil. I do respect him, for being there and having a place for the people who did awful sins. I do respect him for that, but that does not mean that I have to follow his rules and be with him. I do respect that he is there, and that he has a place for people who just didn't care, and who just did whatever they want thinking they could get by it. But that's wrong. You can't just murder someone, go to jail, and think, "Oh, well I'm in jail, God will love me anyways." He does love you, but if you don't pray, and apologize, and just basically beg. That would be the best way, just beg, "Oh Lord, I'm so so sorry. I let the demons get into me. Please get this away from me." If you do that, he might, he might actually do it. But one thing that I know that he doesn't really accept an apology for is if you take His name in vain. By saying "G.O.D. damn it", or something like that, because that's taking His name in vain. And He doesn't like that too well. I already know that, I read the Bible. I'm still stuck on Genesis though, since I don't get much time to read. I'm trying to - I'm working on it, trust me. But God, how fucking long have I been preaching? I've been preaching more than I've been doing makeup. That's bad, I turned this from a makeup lesson to a Bible lesson. But anyways, if you have any questions about anything, just PM me, and ask me. Which i try to answer all messages I can. If I don't answer right away, I will eventually answer. Trust me, I'm like that, ok? I will answer you.

So, um, you all just take care, ok? Don't let other people, like models and shit, don't let that bring you down and make you think you aren't beautiful, because you are, you all are. You all have something beautiful about you, ok? Like, physical appearances are ok, but what's better is inner. Inner beauty is so much better than outer beauty. Because inner beauty can actually get you somewhere. Outer beauty, it might not get you anywhere. Now it's nice, but it won't get you anywhere. Not anywhere really, where you can actually be happy. So that's it for right now."

So, i am going to leave and i'm going to talk to my "boyfriend". Which i have. But he's not on. I'm not sure if i'm going to be with him long because...i just...um mm, i'm not, no, i can't be with him anymore. I love him but i....uhh i best be quiet. Let's just say that. (she very slightly hinting at her suicide). Says "Byeeeee!" to chat. stream ends.

----------this is the chat that probably made Luke get mad too. The talk about her faith.

December 28th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ Talk wit Dolly! ] 14829586163260405738.txt
3:57PM to 7:04PM

The guy in this video that's thought to be Bobby (guy friend), may not be Bobby. Though, to be honest, i'm not sure. The other guy may be Jason (Lowery).

Remember, as horrible as this argument got it ends with Tammy being concerned about Katelyn around 1:39:24. Then things are calm for the rest of the video. Even though you can see a marked change in Katelyn's behavior.

This stream takes place at around 3:57 pm to around 7:04 pm

This stream starts, like many of the others, with her watching her siblings.

Jacob200 enters and she calls him cute.

She has a mark on her chin.

"Jacob200: thanks beautiful"

Katelyn: "I'm not beautiful, don't call me that. It's no problem."

"I'm just, i'm just bored and, um, something bad happened that i can't really tell ya'll because, um, it's, it's... (she's referencing Luke Callahan's BS about killing someone)"

"Jacob200: you are really pretty"

Katelyn: (little laugh) "Thanks. I can't really tell ya'll because it's really really bad and i just, it's too much. It's too much for me and i just, i need to get my mind off it."

1:55 AJ is beating up on her.

2:13 "I'm retarded, just so ya'll know, because i had no childhood, so now i make up for what i lost, by being me. I'm lit by the way." "I get told i don't look 13 all the time. Trust me." "Most of my boyfriends that i get are usually older than me so i'm not really surprised." AJ is playing with lipstick and has lipstick kiss marks from Katelyn kissing his cheeks (prior to the stream of course).

3:25 "Yes, i have a boyfriend but i don't know if we're gonna be with eachother for long." AJ is fighting with her for the lipstick. 4:00 "I kissed him all over his face." She's obviously thinking about the Luke thing though. "I'm not even sure if i'm going to be in the relationship i'm in for very long. Just because of things that's going on."

On Luke: "We've been together less than a month. OK, it's probably been about a month, i really don't remember." (they "met" on live.me on the 3rd of December).

"👽 Mr. Spacely: Wassup homie. You a rebel"

Katelyn: "Yeah, i'm a rebel."

"👽 Mr. Spacely: He's as wigga as it gets"

7:00 Katelyn: "Yeah, he is a wigga." "He's a wigga. He's a white nigga too. I'm a wigga too. I'm a wigga. I'm as good as Luke." AJ and her are joking around.

8:11 AJ is rubbing her back.

AJ then puts his foot near her head and says something about her biting his toe off.

AJ says: "Smell my stinky old feet." Her shirt has lipgloss all over it from AJ.

10:29 "I can't wear a skirt"

AJ: Yeah, you can."

Katelyn: "No, i can't"

AJ: "Yeah, you can."

Katelyn: "Not after tod...Not after yesterday i can't wear a skirt." (talking about her cutting).

12:05 AJ calls her "nasty old liar" and spits at her.

13:05 "Yeah, yeah don't fuck with Dolly. Don't fuck with Dolly. I got the katana."

"Jacob200: you're so cute lol"

Katelyn: "Thanks" (smiles)."

"It needs to be sharpened, it's dull as fuck."

15:30 puts gun symbol to head.

17:12 Phone is ringing so she has to go answer. She doesn't answer because she doesn't know who it is.

"🗝L🅾wK3y 🅰tko🇦🇺: o.g what a dump"

Katelyn:"What do you mean?"

"🗝L🅾wK3y 🅰tko🇦🇺: your house"

Katelyn: "Oh, you mean my room? Yeah. Yeah. Like, it's...my brother like..."

"Dillen.yo: So who's running heaven if you're down here 😏" Katelyn responds and and shows that she's flattered.

18:45: "Hamdi Bachir: are married !?"

Katelyn: "No no no, i'm not married. I'm not married."

19:49 "BAES4_Life: What happen to your room change the color to pink i love pink"

Katelyn: "I'm not a big fan of pink. Pink's ok.. I'm not a pink person. I would rather have it black. black. And then just paint stars cause...i love the moon and love outer space and shit."

"Friggin arm hurts"

She dances, juju on the beat real quick because the floor makes her socks wet. Says she'd like her room dark blue, black, maybe some green. Then she mentions the floor is wet from leaky pipes.

21:00 She mentions Matt, that she misses him, and that they talk a lot, that they haven't talked in forever (he may be someone who she has talked to about the Bible, God. possibly matthewJallen1).

21:20 "Chase mints: Stop"
Katelyn: "Stop? Stop what?" She then begins to sing Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby.
"Chase mints: Stop being hot"
Katelyn: "I'm not being hot (laughs). I'm not being hot. I'm not doing anything. I'm just sitting here. What am i doing? Like, i'm not even trying to be hot. I'm just sitting here talking with ya'll. Mostly getting hit on. (says that with a little annoyed tone) Thank you, i don't think i'm really hot but i'm okay."

22:33 "the psychiatrist: are you being captive at your own free will"

Katelyn: "What do you mean? Um..okay?"

"Mia ❤ love ❤️: Ur room is ridiculous 👎🏽"

24:53: "I'm in my room, my old room. It's a mess" Someone asks if she's living alone and says she's not.

Mentions her snapchat is dollyisbroken

26:01 AJ comes into the room with Katelyn's eyeshadow all over his face and tongue.

"Fucking kill me now please. Kill me now. Kill me now."

28:55 "Jacob200: come live with me bb you won't be poor"

Katelyn: "Oh, that's sweet." "Yeah, yeah i really do need help. My mom isn't here right now. She left and she's been gone for quite a while."

29:25 "They're here finally." Katelyn says in a whisper.

Mother Tammy comes in, with guy friend (?), i think. Jason is also there.

Katelyn leaves room after mother calls for her, hides camera and does BRB with sign language.

Tammy: "better get your ass in here."

They've had the oven on, probably for heat.

Tammy says pick up the living room.

Katelyn's getting distressed.

30:05 uncovers camera and puts gun sign to her head again. "Oh, you don't know the half of it." (about the state of her room) "Look." Shows hole in floor. "This is my wall and there's a hole. I don't think...it's bad. My whole entire floor is soaked. This whole house is...(sighs). The reason my room is so dirty is because they always destroy it." She mentions the hole in her floor on her December 23rd quotev post.

"the psychiatrist: I feel she's asking for help"
"Katelyn: "Yeah, yeah that'd be great."

She closes curtain on camera and her mother asks what's she's been doing.

Katelyn: "Chasing after them, like i always do."

31:40 Tammy: "Well, i guess whenever that phone bill don't get paid and that wifi don't get paid you'll start doin stuff, won't you?"

Katelyn: "Nope"

Tammy: "Excuse me?!"

Katelyn: "You're the one who leaves me here with these two for hours."

Tammy: "Katie i had to take care of some business honey." (Tammy sees the eyeshadow that AJ has all over his face, "Oh my god").

Katelyn: "Doesn't mean you have to leave me alone like that."

Katelyn says "eyeshadow" in regards to what's on AJ's face. "He got into eyeshadow." Katelyn says she is trying to get dressed and Tammy is yelling for her again.

Tammy: "Don't worry about that dirty ass room, it's been dirty forever."

Katelyn: "Well i am. I mean heck, somebody's got to pick it up."

Jason(?) is trying to fix water pipe. He's around the back door of the trailer.

Tammy can't hear him because Abbi is screaming,

33:37: Tammy yells at AJ to "move it!"

33:42 Katelyn opens the curtain. "I'm right here"

Tammy yells for Katelyn again, "get in here like i said"

Tammy needs a hacksaw for the pipe that Jason(?) is fixing.

Katelyn says she hasn't seen it/doesn't know where it is. That she's trying to get dressed.

Tammy yells for Katelyn again, "I oughta beat your fuckin' ass dude!"

Katelyn goes "pffff" in response.

Tammy: "Get in here, like i said!"

Katelyn: "I said i'm getting dressed. I'm getting dressed. I have no shirt on right now."

Tammy: "That saw in your room?"

Katelyn: "I don't see it in my room. I'm lookin."

Tammy (now in room): "Well, how can you see with no damn light on?" Katelyn: "Tryin to save power"

Tammy: "turn the fucking light on!"

Katelyn: "okay!"

Tammy: "before i kick your godddamn ass."

Katelyn: "ain't gotta be so mean."
Tammy: "Excuse me?!"

Katelyn: "I said, you ain't got to be so mean."

Tammy: "Gimme that phone howbow dah".

Katelyn: "No"

Tammy: "I told you exactly what i told you when i talked to you on the phone just a little while ago."

Katelyn: "Well, heck i'm trying to take care of these two."

Tammy:"It's not that fuckin hard Katie"

Katelyn: "Yes, it is. They don't listen to me."

Tammy is looking for a phone (probably cordless one or her smartphone).

Katelyn: "They don't listen to me."

Tammy: "Didn't i tell you to whip their asses!?"

Katelyn: "I can't"

Tammy: "WHY CAN'T YOU!?"

Katelyn: "Cause every time i do..."

Tammy: "I'm about to whip your ass."

Katelyn: "No you're not."

Tammy: "Yes, i am."

Katelyn: "No, you're not. Every time i'm with em they don't listen."

Now Tammy is mad because the kids spilled salt.

Tammy: "Well goddamn, how do you not know?"

Katelyn: "cause i didn't know."

Tammy is still obsessing about the saw, she temporarily calms down.

Tammy: "It was on the damn dryer and now it's not here. Because you stuck in that damn room and can't watch 'em."

Katelyn: "Who said i was stuck in the room?"

Tammy: "Because i'm not a fuckin' idiot, Katelyn! I know you were on that damn phone. Not paying attention to nothin'."

37:05 Tammy "Throw that shit up...Katie, are you going to pay the fuckin bills?"

Katelyn: "Well, i mean, you don't...you shouldn't think that i should be responsible for them. They're not my kids."

Tammy: "No, but they're your brother and sister."

Katelyn: "But i'm not supposed to watch them all the time."

Tammy: "Katie, I..."

Katelyn: "Get somebody like Barb (possibly Barbara Zinck) or Penny (probably Penny Jarrett) to help me watch them."

Tammy: "How 'bout this, go get me that goddamn phone out of your room."

Katelyn: "Why for just trying to be a child?"

Tammy: "Yeah, i'm going to show you a fuckin child."

Katelyn: "Let me give it to you. Move!" They begin to fight over the phone.

Tammy: "Let go of it Katie."

Katelyn: "Stop!"

Tammy: "No, you can't fuckin listen you don't need no goddamn phone."

Katelyn: "I've been listenin'"

Tammy: "No, you ain't!" Tammy has phone now. 

Katelyn: "I can't stand you. Friggin drug addict."

Tammy: "okay."

Katelyn: "That's all you are"

Tammy: "okay."

Katelyn: "Like, i do all the chores. What do you do?"

Tammy: "No, you ain't! You ain't even put up the clothes i asked you to"

Katelyn: "Well, i can't dealing with these two.

Tammy: "okay. No, you can't do nothin on that damn phone. You're right."

Katelyn: "And you can't do nothin without your pills."

Tammy: "okay well shut up"

Katelyn: "You keep snortin them up your nose like a drug addict."

Tammy: "Katie, that's enough of your mouth."

Katelyn: "No, it's not enough of my mouth."

Tammy: "Yes, it is."

Katelyn: "I'm tired of you."

Tammy: "What, you're tired because you had to do stuff?"

Katelyn: "I have to do everything"

Tammy: "No, you don't. I ain't asked you to do a damn thing except for watch them, stop letting them destroy the house."

Katelyn: "They don't listen to me. When will you get that?"

Tammy: "And neither do you!"

Katelyn: "Yeah, i listen to myself (sarcasm)."

Tammy: "Yeah, you listen to yourself and you don't listen to nobody else. You don't realize that i'm out trying to make damn money."

Katelyn: "There's something called another job."

Tammy: "Okay Katie."

Katelyn: "A legal job"

Tammy: "Yeah, and i put in applications Katie. So stop."

Katelyn: "Like McDonald's... "

Tammy: "It don't matter where i put in an application. I put 'em in."

Katelyn: "I'm telling you, applications. Walmart"

Tammy: "I put 'em in, Katie."

Katelyn: "Then why ain't you got anything?"

Tammy: "Well goddamn, you tell me! Stop it! Your smartass fuckin mouth!"

Katelyn: "all you do is..."

Tammy: "Oh i can't wait until you're an adult. I can't wait until you..."

Katelyn: "Yeah, then i can move out..."

Tammy: "Yeah, and you think it's gonna be easy, huh? It's gonna be real easy."

Katelyn: "Well, i'm actually gonna do stuff and not lose my virginity at freakin 15 years old."

Tammy: "Well i pray you don't. I pray you don't."

Katelyn: "and not act like a little whore like you did."

Tammy: "okay, i didn't act like..."

Katelyn: "and get pregnant at 17" (that's when Tammy had Katelyn i believe and is a little bit of Katelyn's expression of self-hate).

Tammy: "...you're about to get your butt busted"

Katelyn: "Well, it's not my..."

Tammy: "You're not going to sit here and talk to me like that."

Short moment of quiet.

40:33 Tammy "I went and borrowed money from mama(?) so i could pay the goddamn water bill since you know everyfuckinthing."

Katelyn: "And you also sell pills and snort them up your nose."

Tammy: "Well, it don't matter what the hell i do. Don't you have a roof over your head and power and water, fuckin wifi and shit? Don't worry about what the fuck i do!"

Katelyn: "okay. ...also like all these men you keep bringing.."

Tammy: "Katie, shut up."

Katelyn: "Well, i mean you're acting like a whore and you keep on bringin' all these men over here and kissin up on all of them. Does he (guy friend) know that!? Does he know that you keep bringing men in here and keep on kissin up on em?...and you keep eating(?) your freakin pills. Who needs to live like that? Not when(?) you have children..."

Tammy: "Oh my god, shut up Katie. You don't know what the hell you're talkin about."

Katelyn: "Yes, i do."

Tammy: "No, you don't".

Katelyn: "Yes, i do...you always have them up over here"

Tammy: "Katie...they don't always come in here(?).

Katelyn: "Yes they have!"

Tammy: "No, they're not. Not no more."

Katelyn: "Well they were"

Tammy: "And that ain't what you...you don't even know."

Katelyn: "Yes, i do."

Tammy: "No, you don't. Katelyn, shut up! Back in that fuckin room and shut your mouth."

Katelyn: "Why should i listen to you?"

Tammy: "You heard what i said."

Katelyn: "I said, why should i listen to you?"

Tammy: "Well, imma tell you what, you gonna listen to me.

Katelyn: "Why?"

Tammy; "Because i said"

Katelyn: "So you can keep on belittling me?"

Tammy: "I ain't belittled you Katie....asked you to do two things..."

Katelyn: "...they aren't even mine."

Tammy: "Shut your goddamn mouth before i take a goddamn hammer and just smash this phone."

Katelyn: "I don't care. I'll take a hammer to your phone too."

Tammy: "No you won't"

42:13 Katelyn: "Oh yes i will."

Tammy: "Oh, ok"

Katelyn: "...all you do. All you keep doin is making lies."

Tammy: "Katie i ain't never lie to you. So stop."

Katelyn: "Yes, you have."

Tammy: "No, i have not. You need to stop right now while you're ahead."

Katelyn: "Why should i stop?"

Tammy: "Katie shut your goddamn mouth."

Katelyn: "...you don't even care about us anymore."

Tammy: "That's a fuckin lie."

Katelyn: "How is it a lie?"

Tammy: "Did you take your fucking Prozac today or do you need to go back to the hospital?"

Katelyn: "Probably back to the hospital just cause i can't deal with this crap."

Tammy: "Take your damn pill Katie."

Katelyn: "How about you keep on snorting your pills mama."

Tammy: "You don't live in pain Katie. So stop."

Katelyn: "Yes, i do." Tammy: "Oh, ok. Take your fuckin..."

Katelyn: "How about you look at the fuckin scars all over me? How about you look at those? You don't know what pain is."

Tammy: "Katie i done said stop and i told you, you need to talk to somebody all you gotta do is come to me. Don't take it out on me." (Katelyn isn't taking it out on her as Tammy believes, Katelyn takes it out on herself.) Stop where you're headed..."

Katelyn: "why you mad...just killed someone" (talking about Luke)

Tammy: "That's not my problem. Don't take it out on me. Sit down. Sit down Katie. Stay off the goddamn internet with the fuckin psychos. Here, take your goddamn pill."

Katelyn: "I didn't know he was a psychopath."

Tammy: "Well, there's more fish out in the sea. You don't take your shit out on me. I've been in fucked up relationships too but i don't take it out on nobody. Especially my kids Katelyn. I'm doin all i can." "Katie i know you don't understand."

Katelyn: "Well...the Prozac isn't even working. It doesn't work."

Tammy: "Well take it.

Katelyn: And i don't feel like i can talk to you because you're never here."

Tammy: "Katie i'm never here because i'm making sure you got water and power honey. God. Who else is gonna do it? No one. Please understand i'm not..."

44:35 Katelyn: "I've tried to pick up. But you don't understand that it's hard for me to do it. Like yesterday...i kept trying and listen but i just couldn't and it's not just because of the phone. I just can't. I can't do this anymore. I've tried but it's seems every time i..."

Tammy: "You need to stop screamin at me."

Katelyn: "I'm not tryin to scream."

Tammy: "Well, you lower your damn voice."

Katelyn: "Look, every time i try to do something it seems you don't care."

Tammy: "That's not true Katie. That is absolutely not true. I'm doin the best i can as a mother to make sure the fuckin water and the power..."

Guy friend (?): "Ya'll calm down...baby girl."

Tammy: "I'm makin sure the water and power gets stayed on".

Guy friend (?) is looking through the tools.

45:37 Tammy: "How do you know your boyfriend killed somebody?" "Katie you know all ya gotta do is talk.

Katelyn: "I don't know what to do about it anymore. I can't do it alone cause there's so many people over here."

Tammy: "Ain't nobody gonna be over here no more. I done told you that."

Katelyn: "Well, i mean you always say this...you said you were going to get rid of Anthony right whenever you found out what happened but you didn't. You stayed with him longer and then what happened to the kids?

Tammy: "Katie, please..."

Katelyn: "I don't know why you didn't get rid of him at that instant. Whenever i told you what happened in the pool why didn't you just go and leave him? That's what i don't get. He violated me. He tried to get in my pants."

Tammy: "I know that Katie. And is he here? Is he here? No, he's not."

Katelyn: "But he...you coulda got him out sooner. That made me think that you didn't care."

Tammy: "That's not true Katie. Did i leave you with him? Did i leave you with him? You know damn well i didn't"

Guy friend (?): "Bet you i'd take care of that son of a bitch...you better believe (t)his(?) sweet ass.

Tammy: "Katelyn, that's enough. Okay? You're throwing up shit just because you're mad (she's not mad, she's completely heartbroken) and there's no sense in it. You ain't gotta throw shit up in my face."

Katelyn: "Well you..."

Tammy: "I haven't made..."

Katelyn: "You don't have to make me feel like i'm doing absolutely nothing when i'm tryin the best i can. I'm still a kid mama. I can't do this stuff by myself."

Tammy: "Sit down. I didn't say you...sit down. Quit crying, quit whinin. Stop, listen to me. I didn't say that. All i said is when i'm done...here with you."

Katelyn: "I do but they don't listen. You don't understand."

Tammy says to turn on cartoons for kids.

Guy friend (?) asks for pliers.

Tammy: "Katie, you're my baby and you know that. There's no sense in that. And there's no sense in throwing shit up in my face either. But i understand...well she ain't taken her medicine today."

48:11 Tammy: "So, who is your boyfriend?"

Katelyn: "His name is Luke."

Tammy: "How you know he killed somebody?

Katelyn: "Last night his sister got raped. He took her to the hospital, he found the guy who raped her. He killed him and then he sent me a picture of it...him with him."

Tammy: "Ok, well"

Katelyn: "And now i don't...i don't even know what to do."

Tammy: "You don't do nothin."

Katelyn: "Well, i don't...i wanna leave him cause i mean..."

Tammy: "Well, you move on with your life. You don't do nothin. That shit's probably some kind of play shit."

NOTE: around 36-38 mins into stream in chat:

"Jacob200: mom sounds violent 😨😨"
"the psychiatrist: , I told you guys she didn't have somebody to call the police"

49:24 Tammy gives Katelyn the phone back.

Tammy (to Katelyn): "Stay out of stuff! Stay off that damn internet for a while."

Katelyn makes her way to her room and begins crying.

49:53 She grabs something off the floor, looks like a headphone wire. She's clearly thinking about self-harming again.

Around 50:02 "Credhune Polk: please quiet crying"

"Christine Schultz: I wanna come rescue you"

"matthewJallen1: i still want to come get younout"

51:55 "Sorry you all had to see and hear that." (It's sad and disheartening that she feels the need to apologize to people for viewing and see all of what happened. Many of the people in the chat wanted to help her.)

"I'm sorry you all had to see that, hear that." She wiping off her makeup that has run.

52:36 Tammy: "Katie!"

Katelyn: "Ma'am" Tammy: "Get in here. Get out of that room."

Katelyn's distraught.

Guy friend (?) asks her to get something for him and she's more receptive to him.

Abbi is yelling at Katelyn. Katelyn is getting annoyed by Tammy's demands.

54:30 "This is what happens behind closed doors. This is what happens behind closed doors."

55:07 leaves room.

55:53 She shows her worn out shoe "Not to mention, these are the only shoes i have."

56:22 "Credhune Polk: something telling me it's going to get worst"

Katelyn: (nods) "Probably...probably will."

"Jacob200: I will always be here for you."

Katelyn: "Thanks"

"Jacob200: i will dm you so that you can call me whenever you need to talk"

Katelyn: "Thanks Jacob" ... "I will be back in just a second ok" (to the chat). She's back and changing chargers.

58:22 "Umm..me and Jacob are not together, so. She leaves.

Comes back at 1:07:45

"Jacob200: I turn 18 tomorrow"

Katelyn: "Happy early birthday"

"Jacob200: thanks beautiful"

Around 1:08:33 Reference to a Jeff the Killer video, JEFFERY! by Madame Macabre https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulcJ2wwLrEo which references Bill Cosby's Jeffery comedy routine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fs0cYJUqJys

1:08:55 "Jacob200: do you want me to come get you beautiful"

Katelyn: "I don't even know. That'd be nice." Leaves.

Comes back at 1:13:10 Says her shoes are completely broken and that her feet are wet and cold.

1:14:51 "Thanks, i love you" Likely said in response to "Jacob200: I can head out tonight to come get you beautiful"

1:17:12 "matthewJallen1: i miss you"

Katelyn: "I miss you too. I do."

1:17:32 Michael Ortwein: You only have one mom a and one dad 

Katelyn: "I have one mom and i don't have a dad. My dad doesn't care about me."

"Michael Ortwein: Don't say that"

Katelyn: "It's true. When i overdosed, trying to kill myself, he never...whenever i overdosed i was trying to kill myself because i was done with everything, i was stuck in the hospital and he never came. Not once did he come and check up on me or anything. He never came."

1:18:24 🦋Butterflybeauty🦋: What size shoe do you wear (someone wants to buy her shoes)

Katelyn: "I wear like size 8" "Size 7-1/2, Size 7"

1:18:51 "So lost." She leaves to check her brother's room for shoes.

1:23:15 Asks her mother where some shoes are at.

1:29:43 to 1:30:13 the video glitches a little.

1:30:29 she is back in room. Then it glitches a few more times.

Then she's back in room at 1:37:08

1:37:52 Katelyn says that she does want a hot dog. Like other days, it'll probably be the first thing she has had to eat for that day.

1:38:19 "I'm so tired" She's looking distant :(

1:39:24 she leaves to get a hot dog and does brb in sign language. She trips over something while leaving room. Her mother brings up how she's feeling and the cutting.

Tammy: "You been doin what i think you've been doin?"

Katelyn: "yeah"

Tammy: "You ain't been cutting your wrists no more?"

Tammy: "You know that's bad"

Katie: Yeah

Tammy: Don't do that anymore.

Guy friend: Katie, don't do that anymore

She talks about where her cuts are and how they hurt, may show them to her mother and Jason (?) or guy friend.

Guy friend (?) says something like "Kate, you know you don't have to do that."

Tammy Says "You know you don't want to have to go back to Riverdale." Also tells her to turn on the light in her room.

Katelyn says, "I know. I know" and heads back to the room. Riverdale is where Riverwoods Behavioral Health System, Treatment Facility is "Heck, the medicine isn't working." She gets changed in the room into t-shirt.

Tammy: "Do i have to call your doctor and have him change your medicine?"

Katelyn: "Probably" (she left room)

Guy friend: You need a vacation

More talking I think between Tammy and Katie.

Guy friend: Don't do that no more, baby, please... Please.

around 1:40:43 Tammy says (about the cutting) "Don't be doin' that no more" and says "go get me the razor blade."

Katelyn receives a notification on her phone.

Guy friend (?) talking with her too. Tammy: "You know you can get all sorts of diseases from doing that? (cutting)...hepatitis...." They both say "It don't matter" about something Katelyn says about the razors. Then Tammy says something like "plus i don't wanna lose my baby"

Tammy asks Katelyn if she didn't take her medicine yesterday. Can't hear Katelyn's answer. A plane is flying over close to the trailer.

Comes back into room at 1:46:09.

Starting at 1:45:06 and specifically 1:46:28 Tammy is talking on the phone about Morphine, morphine 60 mg for 20 dollars a piece, and it isn't something that she'd get the person or something like that (dealing). "I may come across some" "I'll make a phone call for you." This is an observation that someone made in the youtube comments under one of the copies of this stream.

Katelyn is reading through the chat (probably reading Jacob200's comments).

"Jacob200: Maybe I should just leave"

1:47:15 Katelyn: "Jacob, don't leave. Jacob, don't leave." "I need somebody right now. I've been ignored way too long. Thank you guys"

She's showing an uneasy smile.

1:48:11 "This is the first time i ate today. It's the first time i ate."

"matthewJallen1: never forget me"

Katelyn: "I won't forget you."

Tammy calls for Katelyn even though she's busy eating.

1:49:14 "Jacob200: I'm easy to forget"

Katelyn: "You're not easy to forget. Jacob, the truth is i won't forget you. I don't forget people who care about me. Cause i haven't been cared for a long time. So if someone cares about me, i care back."

1:50:39 This is all i've ate today. Two hotdogs. And i drunk a little cup of coffee.

1:51:08 "I let my brother and sister have the last of the, um, chicken noodle soup cause that's really all we have. I let em have the last of it because i care more of them than i do of myself. I put them first because i love em." "and i'm really hungry so i have to do what i have to do.

1:51:31 Guy friend (?) asks Katelyn if she's okay, "...okay Katie? You okay?"

Katelyn: "Yeah, i'm ok."

1:51:53 she smiles "Don't make me laugh, i've got food in my mouth." probably in response to "matthewJallen1: home cooking yummy"  Then she says, "Thanks Jacob" Maybe in response to Jacob200: awe. when I get you I will give you everything in the world.

1:52:12 "I'm worried" (think about Luke again and his fake story, fake picture)

1:52:45 She starts stuttering out of distress

1:53:50: "Jacob200: don't talk about it if it makes u uncomfortable" "I don't think i'm going to be with my boyfriend any longer. He's too dangerous."

venky chinna is making her upset, being perverted.

"I did love him. Now i don't hardly know him. He committed the worst sin. The worst sin (said, emphasized with disgust) and..i..i..shit, i'm gonna get upset. He..(stutters)...shit, i keep stuttering."

1:54:52 "Michael Ortwein:~ U need a foot massage to claim u down. (another pos)

Katelyn: "That would be nice (stuttering)." Says when she gets really upset she starts stuttering (stutters while saying it.) "He committed the worst sin that anybody can make. And now i can't...and i'm scared." She talks about how she stutters and twitches whenever she's upset.

1:57:30 "I really don't have anything happy to talk about right now. I don't know what to talk about."

1:57:42: Guy friend (?) (by doorway): "Hey!" (she's startled a little) Katelyn: "Yes" Guy friend (?): "you okay?"

Katelyn: "yeah.."

Guy friend (?): "you sure?"

Katelyn: "Yes"

Guy friend (?): "Hey"

Katelyn: "Yes" (looks at him)

Guy friend (?): "Get outta here." (the room)

Katelyn: "okay".

Tammy: "Come here Kate"

Katelyn: "I'm coming ma'am" Leaves room.

Guy friend (?): "I'm trying to get it fixed, okay?" (about the pipe).

Katelyn: "ok"

Guy friend (?): "I love you."

Katelyn: "I love you too"

Guy friend (?): "Don't worry about nothin else..." (rest of what he says is mostly unintelligible).

1:58:37 Katelyn mentions her stuttering. Tammy tells her that's she has to sit down, that it's a sign of a seizure.

Katelyn says "What?"

Tammy says it's a sign that she's going to black out. "You need to sit down"

1:59:29 she is back in room.

"🦋Butterflybeauty🦋: You weren't studdering earlier"

Says the stuttering is because she was crying too hard. Tells them they spelled stuttering wrong and says that she's a grammar person. Says she gets picked on because she stutters and twitches. Sometimes it's her head, sometimes her body that shakes, twitches.

2:01:41 now her mother says she's stuttering (in the kitchen).

Katelyn: "spread to the family. Stuttering runs in the family."

"I just need. I need some time."

around 2:02:00 "My arms and my thighs and my wrist hurt so much. I'm so tired."

Says she was up at 3am, up all night and up all morning. Likely because of Luke and the story and fake photos. That and her cutting on the 27th. As she said earlier in this stream, she's scared. She doesn't want to tell people why she's hurting (cutting) because she doesn't want to seem like she's doing it for attention.

2:03:33 She wants to draw. She said she'd do makeup but it's 6pm and there's no need to.

"Jacob200: Baby dot cut please"

Katelyn: "I'll try not to Jacob. I'll try not to." She get's a pencil. Train passing by in the distance, to the north.

Arrives back in room at 2:05:03 Says "I won't" in reference to not cutting.

"🦋Butterflybeauty🦋: Smh"

Doesn't know what smh means, says "so much hatred" "so much hate" and something tells her it means shaking my head.

Others in the house, guy friend (?), Tammy, start complaining about somebody shitting on the floor. (see 8:15 above in makeup with Dolly)

She begins singing Icon For Hire - Under The Knife.

2:06:50 Guy friend (?) calls for her, "Kate Kate" and tells her to see what her mother wants.

Katelyn: "ok"

Guy friend (?): "Sorry to bother you"

Katelyn: "It's alright" They think whoever shit on the floor was the baby when it had no diaper on. Maybe baby Ethan but it's not clear who they're talking about. Tammy cleans it up with Pine Sol.

Katelyn arrives back at the room at 2:08:13 Says she's going to sing a different song, says if she sings more of Under The Knife then she's going to start crying.

Starts singing Everything Stays from Adventure Time. Loud truck drives by house.

2:11:07 Tammy is gagging as she cleans up the mess.

2:11:42 Tammy tells Katelyn to not stay in the room. Tammy then she begins talking about the bathroom mess more. Whoever was just there, with their baby, just left the mess.

2:13:00 She hides the camera from her mother who opens the room curtain.

2:13:23 Katelyn starts laughing a little about the whole incident.

2:15:20 Says her drawing sucks because it's been a while. Says she hasn't drawn in over a month.

2:15:51 Guy friend (?) apologizes to the Lord and Katelyn for his language. Katelyn: "It's okay."

2:16:11 Starts singing under the knife again.

2:16:54 she giggles under her breath about Guy friend (?) and Tammy talking about someone shitting on the floor in the broken bathroom.

2:17:52 Guy friend (?) apologizes to Katelyn for his language, calling Jason (Lowery probably) a pussy-whipped motherfucker. Katelyn's singing under the knife again.

2:18:30 Tammy wants Katelyn to get out of the room and says she's about to put Finding Dory on for the kids.

AJ and Tammy tries to make a joke with Katelyn asking if she did it.

2:19:49 Tammy and guy friend (?) joke with Katelyn about shitting on floor. Katelyn says in a little serious/embarrassed tone "i didn't do that." Tammy: "I'm just playin. You know i am. Get out of that wet floor now. I moved you out of this room on purpose so you could stay out of it."

Katelyn: "Didn't really work though." She goes to the kids room.

2:20:36 AJ asks if she's drawing Ben (Drowned) and she stutters a little. She's checking the chat again.

2:21:29 AJ "I see big old eyes. I see big old eyes" when shining a flashlight at Katelyn

2:23:55 Another train in the distance, to the north.

2:24:50 Katelyn calls Abbi 'Abbers'. 

2:28:40 says she's drawing herself.

2:29:03 Guy friend (?) asks if the cat is in the room and if it is, to throw it out. Katelyn's singing Everything Stays again. AJ sings it too.

2:30:16 Katelyn shows her drawing of herself. Says she's not done.
2:31:40 Guy friend (?) asks if she got enough to eat and Katelyn says "yes sir" Guy friend (?) says she doesn't have to say yes sir to him. She says that she'll still do it.

2:33:10 "That's Miley Cyrus" (Best of Both Worlds is playing on TV).

"Jacob200: are you ok baby"

Katelyn: "I'm okay. I'm okay."

Katelyn begins singing it a little.

Guy friend (?) says Hannah Dumbass Montana says she's as fake as her dad.

Tammy then begins talking about Miley Cyrus.

2:35:02 "Jacob200: you seem really tired"

Katelyn: "I'm a little tired"

2:35:10 Katelyn shows her finished drawing of herself. Says it's been a while since she last drew and the thinks the drawing doesn't look that good. It is a good drawing though.

2:36:06 another train passing to the north. Gives Abbi her drawing pad to put in her room.

2:36:55 Guy friend (?) says he'd be redoing Katelyn's room for her. He said he'd redo the house and asks the kids that they'll stop drawing on the walls. The kids room was not green and originally purple. Tammy painted it green for Katelyn when it was hers. Katelyn says to make the kids room half the room pink and half the room blue "that'll work." Abbi is grabbing Katelyn's thighs and it hurts because of her cuts.

2:38:40 Katelyn goes outside.

2:40:29 Katelyn comes back into house and is singing Diary of Jane.

2:40:40 Katelyn stutters.

2:40:41 AJ says something about Bobby.

2:41:29 Katelyn comes back into the room. Still singing Diary of Jane. Singing real good.

2:44:15 "Jacob200: marry me"

Katelyn: "Jacob, i'm too young to marry."

"Jacob200: omg you are so amazing. then be mine"

Katelyn: "I don't know, i'll have to think about that. I'm still, you know, messed up from Luke and from Ben. You don't know who Ben is but i'm messed up on him. I'm just messed up right now."

She begins to sing Mary Had a Little Lamb because AJ brings it up. AJ says the lamb has a bobtail.

She sings Smoke and Mirrors (Nightcore).

2:46:45 Guy friend (?) comes in looking for a bottle of lighter fluid.

She finishes singing. Says she feels like rapping. Starts singing Ariana Grande - Let Me Love You.

2:51:20 finishes singing.

2:51:33 "Jacob200: why do you have to be so amazing and wonderful"

Katelyn: "I'm not amazing and wonderful."

sings Gravity Falls Main Title Theme

2:54:45 starts dancing. AJ dances too. She tries to teach AJ the dance. Katelyn is trying to cheer herself up using one of the ways she knows.

Tammy tells Katelyn to turn on the "tape" (dvd) Finding Dory for her. Tammy leaves.

2:57:57 phone falls and Katelyn exclaims, "paranormal activity! It's paranormal activity." She heads to kitchen and jumps over AJ in living room.

She says she hates her laugh.

"Jacob200: I love it. it's amazing just like you".

She begins dancing again and teaching AJ how to dab.

Shows him how to do the Whip and Nae Nae too.

Andy Griffith Show is playing on tv in the living room. (possibly on TV Land - Spectrum Cable Channel 59 or 776)

Guy friend (?) and Tammy come back into the house and Katelyn hides phone. They possibly had a short private conversation outside about Katelyn.

3:03:30 Someone (Jason?) says that Katelyn can talk to them about anything it'll be just between them.

3:03:58 she brings phone back out and heads back to the bunkbed (kids) bedroom and lays down.

"Jacob200: I hope everything goes well with your boyfriend"

Katelyn: "Yeah, probably not. He's probably in jail. Or prison. On death sentence."

She's about end the stream and says she beat her record on views.

Katelyn says bye and tells AJ to say bye. He does and throws a pillow at her.

"Jacob200: add me on snapchat"

Katelyn: "OK, i will." Stream ends.

December 30th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ Dolly I'd. ] 14831212356392357279.txt
1:07PM to 1:45PM

She's very much not herself in this stream. You can a slow-boiling anger and a lost look in her eyes. Luke probably, and bluntly, broke it off with her later during the day on the 30th after she still refers to him as "Lukey Pookie" in this video. Maybe he was even a little mean. She probably also has a fight with her mother on this day, said she woke up in bad mood because of her. This stream happens from around 1:08 PM to around 1:45PM. She'd be gone only a few hours later. :'( I never knew her but i miss her deeply. Seriously, it's like a part of myself is missing. It's now August 2017 and there hasn't been a day since January 5th, 2017 that i haven't thought about her, missed her.

Luke was in the chat for a few minutes from 1:14:48 PM to 1:18:26 PM. But he never says anything and he just keeps sending her praise/hearts.

She starts off complaining about the Christmas tree that was displayed on the stream app for live.me.

In previous videos she says she never wears shorts, especially when she has recently cut, but she's wearing them in this video. Her cuts on her legs are visible but somewhat healed.

She wants some coffee but they have no sugar.

She's worked up over the Christmas tree in a joking manner but is a little annoyed by it. She mentions that she hates Christmas.

4:06 "Jacob200: Hey beautiful"

Katelyn: "I'm not beautiful"

5:05 "Jacob200: how are you???"

Katelyn: "I'm doing terrible." She rants about Christmas. Then she says "I'm doin good"

5:59 "George Light: Camele toe is showing... lol" (another piece of shit)

Katelyn: "Oh fuckin well. And so is the damn scars on my legs. But you think i give a damn? No nigga. No. No, i don't."

6:34 Tammy arrives back and says the phone's off the hook.

Katelyn: "Not my fault"

6:43 YO.Lukeeeee15: racist

Katelyn: "I'm not racist. How am i racist?"

Tammy tells Katelyn to do her chores and she leaves the bathroom. The bathroom window is open because there's a breeze blowing through.

8:30: Katelyn yells at AJ and tells him she's getting tired of his bullcrap.

"He's destroying." Katelyn tells her mother. "When i just picked up." She's picking up her room. "That's what i'm doin" "This is like the fifth time i've picked up these cars."

9:37 Katelyn tells Tammy not to give AJ the BB gun again. Katelyn says AJ shot at her.

10:33 You can hear a gunshot from somewhere outside and in the distance. Hunting or a gun range nearby maybe.

10:55 Tells AJ "Let me get my shoes on or somethin. Let me make an excuse to not go with you."

11:26 "Zach Garrett: Hey" 

Katelyn: "Oh my babe's here. Hi Zach. Hi"

Katelyn: (to AJ) "You little friggin cracker, go on."

AJ begs her to go outside. She puts a gun sign to her head. She heads outside saying she's good but complaining about the Christmas tree

11:53 She walks across the gravel of the driveway and it hurts her feet. Clear view of the cars in the driveway. Then she says the sun is in her eyes. "I hate the sun too. I hate everything. So" She puts her middle finger up.

12:10 "Jacob200: are you and zach a thing"

Katelyn: "No, we ain't a thing. We friends. I'm with Lukey pookie." She blocks the sun from her face.

AJ says he's with Lukey pookie.

Katelyn says, "You're not with Lukey pookie you fuckin gay bastard."

Stream starts getting choppy.

12:25 "This is where i hang..." (the video temporarily cuts out) She actually said something along the lines of that's where she hangs out outside and probably with AJ all the time.

12:45 She shows the stop sign pole.

12:56 AJ says he likes Lukey pookie.

12:58 Another gun shot in the distance.

13:01 Katelyn: "Luke Callahan. Yes. Luke Callahan (another gunshot) "Me and him, we together." She heads into the shed. Says they cleaned it out yesterday. For some reason it seems she's purposefully making his name really clear. She's probably feeling a little disgusted by him on this day, part of her anger, because the rational part of her brain figures out that the piece of shit Luke was lying and she knows it was his excuse to try and break it off with her. Katelyn was an intelligent girl and definitely more intelligent than Luke.

"Doesn't look like it but we did" (more gunshots, possibly a gun range nearby) They put the stuff they clean out on the burn pile.

13:33 She mentions a dead bird carcass in the shed and points the camera towards it.

13:38 She shows a false leg in the shed, some people have said it belonged to the grandfather. Katelyn mentions the Christmas tree and says "fuckin hate Christmas"

13:45 "Jacob200: Oh. I gtg"

Katelyn: "OK bye Jacob"

Katelyn pulls the leg out and AJ calls the leg a bigfoot leg.

14:32 She heads towards the burn pile and says "God, it's cold!" She mentions you can hardly see her because of the sun and says, "Fuck you sun. Fuck you sun." with a middle finger. She shows the burn pile. You can see the yellow road sign right nearby. In the burn pile she shows books from when she was in the 6th grade. Was in the 7th grade at the time.

15:38 "I have a feeling that 2017 is gonna be 2016 just all over again." In her own life, that means she didn't feel the upcoming year would be better than how her life was in 2016.

She sings part of Fetty Wap Trap Queen and then says, "I don't know the rest of the lyrics cause i don't really give a shit about that song."

She heads back inside the trailer to get into the warmth.

16:10: "I hate my house but it's, it's ok." Dances a little.

16:16: "the psychiatrist: I'm willing to help you in every way I can if you want"

Katelyn: "Oh thanks." AJ and her begin playing. She's not as receptive as usual to somebody saying this. Like she's given up at reaching out.

17:40 She gets on AJ's shoulders and props herself up on the sink. AJ lifts her a bit.

17:59 AJ almosts knocks her down playing.

18:08 Katelyn smiles and laughs.

18:17 Katelyn begins to 'twerk' on AJ like he was on her.

"AB Tarik: work work work" Katelyn repeats it and dances a little.

19:15 "country singer james: hows it going"

Katelyn: "It's goin goood. It's goin goooood."

AJ begins to bite the bow off her shirt. "He broke my shirt" (middle finger) "He broke my shirt" He does it then runs into the living room laughing. It upsets Katelyn a little because he just ruined a part of her shirt.

"Damn, i wish i was on Skype with Luke right now."

AJ "That's what you get!"

Katelyn: "For what? Changin your diapers and taking care of you.."

AJ: "Yeahhh" Katelyn: "Yeah."

She pretends to knee him. "You're knocked out."

19:58 "country singer james: you looking nice"

Katelyn: "I don't look nice. I look like shit because i'm not wearin makeup."

21:12 She begins to sing Low by Flo Rida.

21:33 "Paul Snowden: how old r u" Katelyn:

"I am 13. Hi Paul. I am 13. I am a 13 year old. Little brat." "This is a four year old little brat." She's now in the kid's room.

21:46 "I love you AJ" "You're a brat, stop kickin me!" "Ahhh, kick!" "He's kickin my ass now. Literally like no fucking joke, he's kicking my ass." She pulls her legs back when talking about the lights not being on because someone commented about it being dark. "He's like kicking me. Owww! Nigga! I'll kill you!" AJ and her are laughing. "Stop tryin to roll me off the bed."

"A lot of people keep texting me on Snapchat. hmmm."

AJ turns on the TV. She gets up and then changes channel on TV and there's a commercial about the Rocky Mountain Tumbler.

24:37 She tells AJ she's going to sit on him.

24:40 she's playing with AJ

25:05 "country singer james: hi"

Katelyn: "Hi James!"

To AJ: "I love you." "God, i don't even care now."

She leaves the kids room and checks the front door to close it more tightly. Says she's going to sit by the heater and goes into the living room.

26:42 "country singer james: when he gets older he will get all the girls"

Katelyn: "Oh, hell no he won't. Wanna know why? Cause imma ruin it for him. Imma be like uhh, ho ho ho ho ho imma just be like calling 'em out like ho ho ho ho ho ho ho. Merry fucking Christmas, you got nothin but hos."

Mentions she's from Georgia. One person in the chat goes by pot-head and she says (about Luke) "My baby is a pothead." She says "smoke weed erryday"

27:32 AJ starts chanting USA and so does Katelyn.

Katelyn: "Wanna listen to country?"

AJ: "Yep"

Katelyn: "Fuck you then."

The TV is really loud and she turns it down. She's looking through the on demand service. They had Spectrum cable.

28:06: Katelyn "You're gonna wake mama up" She mentions she's from Georgia again and puts on Eminem - Rap God and tries to rap along with it.

"pot-head: im in Yorkshire  England" She says she knows someone else (online) from Yorkshire.

"KingOfClouds💨?|2H4L: i just killed that fast bit 😂😂😂"

(Youtube versions either restrict this archived stream or mutes the songs for copyright reasons).

34:24 Eminem song ends. She says she can't put youtube on because the stream will stop. Says she would not pay for Youtube (Youtube Red).

35:38 "Sorry, there's just...there's a lot of shit going on and i'm just like (sticks up middle finger) let it go."

She then puts on the Demi Lovato version of Let it Go, starts singing, and AJ starts throwing a tantrum in the back bedroom. AJ woke up his mother

36:18 Katelyn goes to get AJ. Katelyn says something about AJ not taking something, in reply to Tammy. AJ follows Katelyn and is in the living room throwing his tantrum still.

36:39: "country singer james: you sing great" Katelyn: "no i don't"

"country singer james: be good aj let her sing"

Katelyn asks AJ if he wants to play kitty cat. It's probably an app or one of the masks.

37:03 "KingOfClouds💨?|2H4L: loud house 😂"

Katelyn: "Yeah" "He's a brat"

Katelyn is stressing yet again and looking a little upset (at AJ) :( She ends the stream, telling people to "follow me, i follow back" and "fuck Christmas."

Says she's going to Skype someone. Luke was in chat for a few minutes, just not saying anything.

"country singer james: bye"

Final stream 5:35:52PM to 6:20:40PM


According to https://www.facebook.com/groups/1828711557345462/permalink/1905775596305724/ Katelyn's favorite flowers were daisies.

She got the phone around or on December 5th. An Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3. Her ringtone was the default Cricket Wireless ringtone

At the beginning of the final video she may have been looking at the moon, Venus and Mars, which would've been roughly southwest. See in-the-sky.org planetarium 30 December 2016 17:44 GMT -04:00 with limiting magnitude at intermediate. location 34.077093, -85.160226

Over the course of a month of December, in the streams, she was clearly worn down due to her stress and anxiety. Something that had been wearing her down possibly going all the way back to early 2016 and maybe there were even signs of this stress in 2015. Where she was already talking about a 'will' and her broken heart in December 2015 in posts on her dolly_drowned instagram.

Though even in her last days, and her last videos, she shows the greatest amount of sweetness and kindness to her siblings, Ethan, and to people watching her streams. Even giving advice and a showing a deep view and understanding of faith and love. She didn't have to be but she was chose to be KiND to people on the 30th during her stream. She deserved so much better than the life she had, the angel she was and is, and it angers and saddens me to no end just thinking about all the shit she had to go through for years and especially the last months and days of her life. For many of us she's someone that we wish was still here and the world, our worlds, feels less whole. Some may feel this is an overstatement, and i don't care, but her death has had me feeling worse than 9/11 did. It feels all the more personal and real.

Final chatlog 14831372513653875561.txt Streams happens at around 5:36PM to 6:19PM. This is one that i'm not going to transcribe nor describe for obvious reasons. Nor will i link to the video. Quotev Entries

Black, blue, red, green - her favorite colors